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DIY: How to Repair Your Flat Roof

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A broken roof can cause serious damage to your property and they can be expensive to repair both externally, and dealing with water-stains internally! If you want to do-it-yourself and repair your roof, then read on to find out how. It’s possible to bring your flat roof back to life in a few simple steps!


How to repair your flat roof

In order to restore your roof, you need to clean it properly. Getting rid of plant life, rubbish and so on, this will help you when it comes to adding protective and repairing products to the roof. Leaving rubbish up there can make the problem much worse!

To ensure its thoroughly cleaned use GacoFlex GacoWash. This wash is a concentrated solution that can be used on your flat roof. The strong, specially designed formula means that you can remove tough stains and tricky things such as dirt, pollen, mildew and fungus.Once the surface is thoroughly cleaned you can move on to the next step.

Repair the seams

How to repair your flat roof 2

If you don’t repair and look after the seams on your roof, they’ll break down and start letting water in and allowing dirt to build up. It may even encourage plants to grow underneath the seam making it more difficult to remove!

Once you’ve cleaned up your roof, you can use Gaco Liquid Roof Tape to make sure that your roof is well protected. This liquid rubber-like roof tape is the ultimate solution for repairing joints, flashings, fasteners, small cracks and more. It’ll even bond to old asphalt and other existing coatings that may be on your flat roof. Once it’s applied, it’s resistant to UV rays, standing water and extreme temperatures.

Recoat the roof

How to repair your flat roof 3

This is the third and final step. In order to get the best results, you need to use all three products to make your roof stand the test of time. Now you’ve cleaned and repaired any seams or cracks, you can move on to the coating. A good coating can completely turnaround your roofing.

Apply GacoPro Roof Coating for a professional grade finish. It offers you protection and waterproofing for 20 years!! This coating permanently protects you from leaks, water and extreme weather conditions.  You don’t even need to use a primer, reinforcing fleece or mesh, just remember to use the liquid roof tape in step two first. It’ll leave you with a seamless finish which is easier to maintain, as it resists the growth of moss and algae, meaning you won’t have to clean as regularly.  Best of all – good roofing can save you money too! With this coating, the Solar Reflective White finish reduces the roof temperature by up to 85%. In summer this can be a life-saver for reducing high cooling costs!

Now, it’s down to you to repair your roof! Need any help? Contact Rawlins Paints.


  1. Hi were can I buy all 3 products? To seal and repair my flat ash felt roof. Thanks for your help regards Joe

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