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Driveway Care Tips

Taking care of your driveway shouldn’t be a chore! All you need is a few items to make it look good as new again. The driveway is often the main entrance to your property and first impressions count! Use these tips to have a stand-out, good as new drive.



Before you do anything, you need to clean down the surface to ensure anything you do next has the best results possible. It also always looks good when your drive is clean too!  Use

Thermilate PRO Fungicidal Wash to make sure your drive is thoroughly cleaned. This fungicidal wash will instantly kill moss, lichen, algae and mould. Just this simple step will help to revive your drive!  It’s plant, lawn and shrub friendly so you don’t need to worry about your foliage getting ruined. Once you have cleaned down your drive and removed any fungus, you can try out our next tips depending on what your drive is made from.

Seal Paving


If you have block paving, a sealant will help to rejuvenate and protect the surface. We suggest you try Thermilate PRO Drive Block Paving Sealer for any block paving, except clay. After re-sanding block paving joints, and applying Thermilate PRO Drive Block Paving Sealer, your old paving will look as good as new. It’ll help your drive to stay in better shape, by protecting it from substances like oil and anything else that may stain. It makes maintenance easier, as it’ll look better for longer because it protects against the loss of colour through UV light. Additionally, it’ll help to reduce weed and algae growth – which you don’t want back after you’ve cleared it all away! To continue to take care of your driveway, apply the block paving sealer every 2- 5 years.

Revive Tarmac


For reviving tarmac, you’ll need to use a different type of sealant. Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer is ideal for rejuvenating and restoring lost resins and colour from your drive. Choose from black, red or green to compliment  your surroundings. It can be easily applied to your driveway in one coat, protecting it and making it look great again. It’ll take care of your drive for you as it has UV resistant properties which slow down and minimise deterioration.  This reviver and seal won’t yellow over time and will hold it’s colour, protecting you from the re-growth of moss and algae at the same time. It’s easy to clean and resistant to staining, so when you come to do maintenance it’s easy to clean down the surface and re-coat it!

Now you’re ready to go and tackle your own driveway with these easy steps. As long as you keep up the maintenance, it’ll look good all year round!


  1. Best Blocked Driveway Car tips ever
    Thanks for share us
    Bernard Tyler

  2. That’s an amazing and very help full tips of Driveway / Roadway Wonderful keep it up

  3. Effective and Helpful tips thanks Rawlinspaint

  4. Great tips! It’s amazing how much some of us will spend time and money taking care of our landscaping but then neglect our driveways and make them look good. There are some driveways that take up more than 50% of a homes front curb appeal.

  5. Pro Concrete Driveways

    Thank you for this information. These driveway care tips will definitely help us in making our driveway look good as new. Excellent tips! 🙂

  6. I liked when you talked about the importance of making sure you take the time to clean your driveway before you work on it.
    I can see that doing this can better prepare it for the treatment and make sure you get the best results possible. Do you know how long it takes for a treatment to be completed? I want to make sure I plan accordingly.

    • Good morning John,

      All drying and reapplication times of all products are outlined in each product’s datasheet – and these times will differ from product to product.

      Best regards.


  7. All of these are really good tips. Proper care of your driveway is what will give it a long lasting life.

  8. Recently, I moved into my new home and I want to make sure that I keep it looking nice. My driveway looks really nice and I want to keep it looking that way. It does seem like a good idea to do what suggested and get your driveway sealed.

  9. Nice information. Keeping the driveways clean is a useful tip to prevent fungi and other pesky pests.

  10. We have a concrete imprinted driveway. Can you please make any suggestions about sealing it? Many thanks.

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