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False Economy: Why Cheaper Paint Doesn’t Mean Better

When you come to starting any project, there are a lot of costs involved. It’s tempting to cut corners with budget buys to keep down expenses. Sometimes this can work out great! Some cheaper products will do the job just fine.

But when it comes to special paints for specific purposes, cheaper doesn’t mean better. This is because you need a paint to do a job like fire protect a surface, or be guaranteed to last for 20 years, etc. Cheaper paints won’t have the technology needed to do a good job.

For example, if you need fire retardant paint you want to make sure that you’re getting the fire protection you require for the best price.

Bollom Brosteel Ultra 60 and Jotun Steelmaster 60WB are both excellent intumescent paints for steel. But, although they both offer fire protection for steel they are completely different prices and each have their pros and cons. It’s not always the case that the cheaper paint (Bollom Brosteel Ultra 60) is going to be better for your project, in fact more often than not it’s the opposite! It all depends on the building, project size, location, level of fire protection required and more. Make sure you choose something that’s suitable and will be long lasting, or you’ll find yourself paying way over the odds or applying far more paint than is needed.


If you need a quick solution for a small to medium size job then Bollom Brosteel Ultra 60 is ideal for most situations. It works out cheaper because of the smaller pack sizes available and much quicker to use because all the information you need is on a handy table on the back of the tin. Anyone can apply it easily by brush or roller and it provides a professional grade of protection that meets British Standards and building regulation requirements.


If the job is bigger, the Bollom Brosteel Ultra 60 will become expensive quickly and become uncompetitive. You’ll need Jotun Steelmaster 60WB which is much more suited to larger projects due to it being available in 18.5lt cans and providing excellent coverage rates. It’ll take a little longer to work out how much you’ll need as you’ll have to give one of the experts at Rawlins the details of your steelwork but it’s worth the effort. The amount of time and money you’ll save by doing a small amount of pre-planning will be huge.

As you can see from this example, both paints will work well if you use them for the right task. Make sure you don’t go for the first option without reading the details. In some cases, it could be the opposite. A paint that can spread further may be cheaper, but it may not be appropriate.

If you need advice, ask our experts. They’ll be able to guide you to make the right decision and pick something that suits your budget.

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