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Fire Protection Methods for Interior Timber

If you have timber on your interior, it’s likely you’ll worry about safety. If you’re in something like a commercial building, you’ll also have to think about fire safety. It can sound like a big job, but there are different ways you can protect your timber easily and for minimal expense. Try one of these three methods!


Fire Retardant Paint

When painting over old paint on walls and ceilings, you need to use a basecoat first to upgrade the surface to be fire retardant. This applies for any previously painted interior timber too. You can get fantastic paints which can be painted straight on to the surface and either left as a finish or over painted with normal decorative paints. Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is one of our top choices as it is one of the most cost effective ways to provide spread of flame protection to old, previously painted surfaces. It is an easy to use, water based, single pack product that will insulate against heat on your interiors and help to keep fires down.


Fire Retardant Treatment

Bare interior and exterior timber can be protected with fire retardant fluids that soak in to the surface to leave your timber looking natural whilst protecting it from fire damage. With Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment you can soak the surface and achieve a surface that looks untreated that doesn’t have any kind of glaze or residue like varnish. You’ll not be able to know the wood has been treated, and you can even use a wood stain or varnish afterwards to decorate if you wish! This product is low odour, water based and versatile.


Fire Retardant Varnish

If you want your wood to have that varnished look or you have timber to protect that has already been stained or varnished meaning you can’t use a fire retardant treatment then a fire retardant varnish is the option for you. We’d use Bollom Intulac Ultra Basecoat + Bollom Intulac Ultra Topcoat as they are the perfect duo for a fire retardant interior decoration job. Apply the basecoat, then the topcoat on bare or previously stained/varnished wood and you’ll have a decorative and protective, clear varnish finish on your interior timber. This topcoat and basecoat duo will delay the inflammation of your wood in a fire, protecting the surface. If you’re looking at doing some exterior timber use Thermoguard Fire Varnish Basecoat and Overcoat instead.

There you have it, three ways to quickly and easily protect your timber surfaces around your property. All the above products and systems achieve varying degrees of Surface Spread of Flame protection (BS Class 1, Class 0, EN Class B, etc.). If you require systems to achieve 30 or 60 minute protection, please contact our Technical Team on 0113 2455450 or email us.

If you don’t protect your timber, in an unfortunate event like a fire, you’ll find it spreads much quicker. Take every precaution you can! Give one of these methods a go and make sure your timber is protected today!


  1. timber panals 25 sq mtrs exterior needs class o sprayed of flame protection can you recommend a produt please and cost.

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    Any recommendations for an internal decorative ply wall protection which needs a clear coating ideally satin or matt finish to provide class 0 finish?

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