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Football Colours & Traditions

Football clubs are often at the heart of communities, therefore their colours and symbols are seen all over the local area. For those planning to decorate their local stadium, they must always keep in mind the colours and traditions of the club.  Here’s a few football clubs and their colours and traditions.

Chelsea F.C


When you think of Chelsea, you’ll nearly always think of the colour blue. Chelsea football club has nearly always donned the blue colours, in different shades. The blue came from the old club president, quite some time back in the early 1900’s. Over the years, the shades of blue have been slightly different, with other parts of the kit usually being nearly always yellow or white. Though, when it comes to away kits it’s quite a contrast. Chelsea blue home kit has always been a firm fan favourite. However, one of their away kits in the early 90’s was hailed as one of the worst football kits ever! It seems for Chelsea the blue will be here for a long time, with fans even singing of the colours in football chants for many years.

Manchester United F.C


Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. Almost anywhere you go, you can guarantee someone will recognise the kit colours. The crest of the football club came from the Manchester City Council coat of arms originally, and has changed over time as it’s become more modern. One thing you can always count on with Manchester United, is that there will always be some element of red. The club crest carries the well-known red with a hint of gold/yellow. This is so important for Manchester United, as their club is easily recognised worldwide, and fans everywhere can show off their dedication by sporting the classic home colours.

Leeds United F.C


Leeds United is another popular football club, with a distinctive and memorable kit. The classic blue and yellow colours came about in the  1930’s when the club decided to use the city crest as Leeds City. Over the years, there’s nearly always been some yellow and some blue in the kits, making them stand out from crowds. The newest kits of course include some of the blue and yellow, complimented by white. Leeds is definitely a football city, and fans often use the colours on their places of work, home or even on their cars!

Even if you’re just a local business who wants to show your support for your team, it’s possible to use clever decorating to represent. Paint your metal cladding with a high-performance metal cladding topcoat in your team colours to show encouragement for next season.

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