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Garage Conversion Ideas

If you have a double garage, or a garage you don’t use you may as well convert it into something useful and exciting. This doesn’t have to be limited to just storage, try one of these ideas out for size!


Turn it into a den or living space

If you need an area to escape to, the garage is often the perfect bet as it’s usually set away from the house. Your garage really is an extra room, so treat it as an extension of your home. Fill it with all the bits and bobs that make you feel cosy, and deck it out with some beanbags and a mini fridge! Keep your goods well protected (and the walls looking great) with a coat of fire retardant paint underneath your decorative paint.

Transform into a playroom or games room


If you have kids you may want to turn your garage into a games room, especially if any of the tasks involve making a mess! Before you start your transformation, make sure you protect the concrete in your garage, and fill in any cracks and so on. With a screed like Sikalastic 1K, you can repair and rejuvenate the garage before you make it a fun space. It will protect and waterproof your concrete walls and floors meaning a longer lasting playroom. It also means it’ll be able to take a bit of a beating from little (terrors) angels! Once you’ve done a little bit of repair work, paint it bright and colourful with Sikafloor 2540W. There really is a fantastic choice of colours available and yes they will transform your boring grey garage into an exciting new play room!

Get sporty with a home gym


Would you like to get sporty at home? It’s not too difficult to turn your garage into a gym room, if you just give it a quick makeover and install some exercise equipment. Rejuvenate your garage with Sika products and fill it with sporty items!

Consider a garden room

If your garage is attached to the house, or sits nicely in your garden, why not open it up and turn it into a garden room? You can use the same Sika screed and paint we mentioned earlier to make it look the part, and deck it out with garden furniture, plants and think about adding some extra large windows. You could even go as far as turning it into a sort of greenhouse!

There’s so much more you can do with your garage space. Get in touch with Rawlins Paints if you need any further assistance!

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