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Get DIY Ready with Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum is one of the most varied brands that we stock here at Rawlins Paints. Not only do they have many different products that can be used in commercial situations, Rust-Oleum also produce a wide variety of products that are perfect for hobby crafts and home DIY. If you are looking for a DIY blackboard, whiteboard, crackled furniture paint and more, please read on. If you have any questions about the products mentioned or any other Rust-Oleum products, give us a ring or leave us a comment. Please see the highlighted products below and let it inspire your next DIY project!

Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint


(Image Credit: Happyskrappy via Flickr)


Are you in need of a big chalkboard but you cannot find the size you want in any of the shops? Rather than settling for one you’re not too keen on, there is a different solution to this problem: painting your own chalkboard! Whether you are looking for a unique feature for your child’s bedroom wall, a great new menu board in your pub or a collective feature for your tenants to write messages to their roommates, Rust-Oleum have produced a chalkboard paint that allows you to create a writeable and erasable chalkboard on virtually any surface, including metal, wood, plastic and walls. The brush paint version comes in five different colours: white, black, red, blue and pink! This means you can get creative and match the chalkboard colour to your interior. There is also a spray paint chalkboard paint that comes in the colours black and white. Both chalkboard paints work with conventional chalks as well as liquid chalk markers.

But wait, there’s more..!

Rust-Oleum also produces magnetic chalkboard paint for optimal usage! You’ll have a chalkboard and magnetic board in one, on virtually every surface. It will require three coats to ensure the magnetic paint is fully effective. It is great for offices, playrooms and kitchens. While the regular chalkboard paint can be used for indoors as well as outdoors, the magnetic version can only be used indoors.

Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer


(Image Credit: Christopher Carfi via Flickr)

If you are looking for a magnetic surface without the chalkboard features, Rust-Oleum has also created a fantastic magnetic primer that can be used to transform a regular surface into a highly attractive one. Rust-Oleum’s magnetic primer also requires three coats and is most effective with minimal weight in combination with strong magnets. This is ideal for offices or kitchens, where you can stick important notes straight onto the wall above your desk. The magnetic primer can be coated with any smooth emulsion or gloss finish, so it won’t stand out as much as a chalkboard feature on your wall.

Rust-Oleum Doodle Wall


(Image Credit: Knoji)

If you prefer a whiteboard over a chalkboard, then Rust-Oleum Doodle Wall can give you a great option to customise and create your own whiteboard surface. This whiteboard paint is ideal for small home projects and for surfaces such as plasterboard, hardboard, cement, metal and wood. Once the paint has dried, you can use regular dry wipe markers for drawing, messages and notes! It will be great to use in home offices, on children’s bedroom walls or in the kitchen. If you are looking to create a whiteboard for a larger, commercial project, then it’s best to use a different product such as Zinsser’s Write-on Paint that offers more coverage per square metre.

For these type of paints and projects, prepping the area and following the instructions step by step is important to achieve the perfect finish. This whiteboard paint is best applied over a pre-painted surface and does not work well over weakly bound paint films. The whiteboard will come out looking its best when applied to light coloured surfaces, so it won’t work well when painting over darker shades of paint. For the best looking finish, ensure to use suitable tape to mark off your whiteboard area. A low tack masking tape will be best for these types of projects.

Rust-Oleum Direct to Plastic

Summer has arrived in Britain this week! That means lots of sunbathing, moaning (the weather is never quite right!), but also plenty of barbecues and sitting outside. This involves getting that garden furniture out of your shed if you hadn’t already. Once-white plastic garden furniture does get grimy and dirty over time. No amount of scrubbing will get it completely white again. If you want to spruce up your garden furniture without having to invest in completely new garden furniture, then consider using Rust-Oleum Direct to Plastic spray paint. This paint is very user-friendly and is ideal to give your garden furniture, or plants pots, a new lease on life. A primer is not required and this spray paint is available in two colours with a gloss finish, black and white. It’s a great paint for a quick weekend job without it costing too much time.

Rust-Oleum Crackle Paint


(Image Credit: Joseph Francis via Flickr)

Combining a vintage look with modern touches is currently very popular in interior design. Not everyone has the funds to invest in proper vintage furniture pieces (they can be very pricey!), so Rust-Oleum Crackle Paint is a great way to give your modern furniture a vintage twist without busting the bank. The crackled effect is created by applying the Rust-Oleum Crackle base coat in between two layers of regular matt emulsion, sandwiching the base coat between two layers of paint. Ensure to pick two contrasting colours to get the best crackle effect. Then simply apply the hard wearing, protective Crackle top coat for the best results.

Rust-Oleum Anti Germ Paint

If you are running a home baking business, a pub or are a landlord, consider coating your kitchen, bathrooms and utilities rooms with Anti Germ Paint. Rust-Oleum partnered up with SteriTouch to create anti germ paint, which is ideal as a hygienic finish to interior walls and ceilings. It’s very suitable to use in kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. The paint contains antimicrobial additives that are designed to inhibit the growth of harmful organisms and thus the anti germ paint provides great continued protection against MRSA, E-coli, mould and fungi. When this paint has fully dried, it is scrubbable and easy to clean, making it a great paint to update your interior protection against mould, fungi and bacteria.

These are just some of the great products from Rust-Oleum that we have in stock. Rust-Oleum also produce a host of other products for commercial and domestic use. Click here for our entire Rust-Oleum range, or alternatively, give our technical team a call if you have any questions about the products discussed in this article or the products on our website.

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