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Get Your Outside Ready for the Summer

Summer is finally on its way, so it’s time to prepare your decking and outdoor areas for the sunnier months. Try these tips and hacks to make sure your garden is ready for the heat!



Over time, plastic garden furniture tends to lose its crispness and start to look a little faded. Instead of chucking out the old pieces you have laying around, why not consider upcycling them? Save pennies and give your garden a new look by re-painting your plastic garden furniture. With an aerosol direct to plastic paint, it’s easy to give your garden furniture it’s vigor back.

Plant Pots

If your plant pots are plastic, you could paint them as above. Consider decorating them too and using them as garden ornaments. With decorative paints, sprays and adhesive decals, it’s easy to transform your pots.  Think outside the box too – your plant pots don’t have to be the typical kind you find in the garden center. A decorative vase, an unusual bowl and even teacups, can all be used to add a unique touch to your outdoor areas.



As well as thinking about touching up your ordinary fence, why not consider your boundaries? Small borders created with colourful strips of metal, in a small pointed picket style, can make a sturdy and attractive border. Use this kind of fencing to corner off any areas you don’t want people to walk on, marking out ponds, or for separating different types of plant life. Bring your miniature fencing to life by painting it in a colour of your choice.


Even though it’s summer, there may still be a few showers. Consider a quick aerosol painting job, and spray a waterproof product onto areas where water collects, or anywhere you want to try to keep dry. You could waterproof your garden furniture that can’t be removed and stored. It’ll stop the water from penetrating the surface and damaging your furniture.



If you’ve any outhouses or sheds, don’t forget about them. If you look after them with a protective coat of paint, they can add something to your outdoor space, rather than bringing it down. Remember to treat any wood and allow its natural beauty to add to the environment. Consider decorative plants and vegetation, they’ll make a difference. Though, if you can’t maintain them, look for easy to care for vine and climbing type plants.

Create a mural


If you have a blank wall or some space that looks like it’s missing something, create a piece of art. A mural doesn’t need to be complicated, it could be simple block colours in a modern art style. If you’ve more time, you could create a mosaic! Don’t just look to your walls, you could even create something on an area of floor.

We hope this list gets you started with your summer garden improvements. Now you just need to wait for the sunshine.

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