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Give Your Workshop a Re-vamp

Workshops are often busy environments, with heavy-duty tools and many projects in the works. You may have noticed your workshop beginning to look tired. But, when you spend so much time working on different projects, you might not feel you have time to give your workshop a re-vamp. If you want to make it feel new again, try these simple tasks to give it a new lease of life.

Liven up the flooring


The floor in any workshop is often under a lot of stress. Chemicals, oils and more are spilt, heavy work boots and machinery are going up and down and so much more! It’s no wonder that after a while your flooring has lost its good as new feel. You need a mixture of the right paint and the right maintenance to keep it looking fresh.

We suggest a good quality industrial floor paint. Use a colour that inspires you to work in a creative way – whatever you do! It’s incredible how a small change can make a workshop feel new. With extra-durable paint, you’ll have great protection – which is needed in a busy environment!

Check for damp


Workshops can sometimes be found in musty buildings, or out-of the way in outhouses which are a magnet for damp. Damp is caused by condensation which can start to make the workshop smell and deteriorate, which isn’t a great working environment. It’s difficult to concentrate when you don’t feel comfortable where you’re working – a simple re-vamp could improve your productivity! Make sure to check for signs of damp such as discolouration on the lower walls, or unpleasant odours.

The best way to damp-proof your workspace is by protecting the walls from further damage. Using a damp proof paint means you can re-vamp and protect your exterior or interior walls from damp in one go! Waterproof paint like Zinsser Watertite will keep water out whilst giving the room a completely new look. It will also protect your surfaces from fungal degradation for 5 years. This means you get to spend less time on maintenance and more time admiring your workshop!

Add a personal touch


Just remember, a workshop needs just as much attention and care as any other room or building. Give it some personality – you’re allowed to have a bit of fun! Use tools and completed projects to represent what the workshop is all about. By using creative ways to store tools and display your best work, coming into the workshop will be inspiring – not drab.

Though, if you’ve little room to move things around it could be as simple as framing motivational quotes, or apply decals to the walls and floors. You don’t have to start bringing in furniture and ornaments! If you can move things around, consider re-arranging things. After a workshops been used for a while, you may realise you have more needs or ways to make things flow. You don’t have to move mountains to make an impression, the smaller details can have a tremendous impact.

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