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Grey be GONE: The Most Colourful Cities in the World

As cities grow and technology changes, over time they become more industrious. Populations grow, buildings spring up everywhere and suddenly the skyline becomes very grey. Though, at Rawlins Paints, we think just because it’s a bustling city, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a little colourful. City planners don’t have to go overboard, splashes of colour can make a huge difference to the look and feel of an area. Here are some of our favourite colourful cities that use different tones to brighten up the monotony of city life.

Havana, Cuba


Sunshine is almost enough to stop a city from feeling grey, but colourful buildings help even more. Havana in sunny Cuba is well-known for it’s beautiful old buildings painted in bright pastel tones, in pinks, greens, blues and more. Many new buildings adopt these bright colours making it a sight to behold! The older buildings are often revamped with restorative paints to keep that colourful Cuban charm.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy


The town of Vernazza is a breath-taking sight. A true fishing village nestled in the hills of Italy. Even with an aerial view, the town is a sea of colour. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with tourists and photographers!

Cape Town, South Africa


In Cape Town, there are rows of houses that you just can’t miss. Houses in Bo-Kaap are decorated in bright, bold colours such as neon pink and green! The bright streets bring the area to life, making it seem friendly and full of personality. It’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face when they visit. There’s no reason this can’t be recreated in the UK, all that’s needed is good exterior gloss paint in an exciting range of colours.

San Francisco, US


Over in the US, San Francisco is also home to streets of colourful, architecturally brilliant houses. San Francisco is a known for its vibrant culture and community, so it’s no wonder that the houses reflect this! The old Victorian houses are known as ‘Painted Ladies’, you may recognise them from postcards and popular culture.

Bristol, England


It may sound strange, but the city of Bristol, here in England, has some similarities to San Francisco across the pond. It’s another stirring pot of culture and community, which is reflected in some areas of the city. The area of Clifton Wood in Bristol is one exciting pocket of homes in Bristol, which can be seen from the harbour side making it an exceptional view.

These cities and towns show just how easy it is to add colour to something that could otherwise easily turn into a grey and washed-out landscape.

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