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How Office Decor Can Motivate Your Staff

A good employer will understand how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to employees. If you want people to work harder you need to engage and motivate them. Employers need to consider all avenues, down to the office decoration itself. If you’re sceptical about how much redecoration can boost your employees moods and productivity then read on.



Boosting morale can be as simple as making sure you pick colours that boost morale amongst employees. Choose colours that represent your company, industry or staff. You want to include something that’s going to bring the mind to the right line of work. Alongside the base colours, you want to include something that is bright and fun. This doesn’t have to be neon yellow walls, it could be as simple as updating furniture with metallic paint to make it look more exciting.



There are legal requirements around lighting in the office, as you must look out for your employees eyesight. But this doesn’t mean you’ve got to pick dull, standard lights! Opt for something that’s adaptable, that you can change to suit the need of the employee. Lights can make great decorations as well if you don’t have room for many decorative elements. Poor lighting or harsh lighting can cause headaches and even just trigger a low mood. Ask your employees what they need – just getting them involved will be motivating.



Something many offices don’t cater for is relaxation. Some of the biggest companies in the world with impressive headquarters all understand this need. Your employees spend a large portion of their time in the office if there is nowhere for them to unwind it’s not surprising morale will be low. This can be as simple as having a room set aside for quiet working or 10-minute breaks. Soften the décor with light furniture, contrasting to the main decoration of the office. A soft chalky effect on furniture, a couple of sofas and soft lighting and you’re good to go! It’s amazing how 10 minutes can change your mood and inspire you.



Kitchens, bathrooms and other facilities are incredibly important. Your employees need to be able to use these facilities, and be happy with the quality. If you can’t do much to your office décor, at least, take the time to look at your facilities. If they work poorly, or look uncared for, it can reflect on the whole office. If staff can’t even eat their lunch somewhere reasonably nice, it’s not hard to see why their motivation is low on their return to the office.

An office doesn’t have to be boring, anything that motivates staff will have huge benefits! Smiling staff equals better results all around.

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