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How to Choose (and use) Paint Primer

At some point you may have started on your next bit of paintwork, and thought “do I HAVE to use a primer?”


Well, not every paint or coating needs a primer. However, many paints do and it’s an important step. If you want your paintwork to look good as new for years rather than months, you must, must prime with the right products! If you pick up any old primer you won’t get the desired finish you had in mind. Trust us – an extra step now will save you extra work later on down the line. If you’re still not convinced do a bit of your own research, don’t take our word for it, check out other peoples experiences like this article from Jeanne Huber Why is my Paint Peeling?

Additionally, many primers have other qualities such as UV protection and more. All these qualities will help to make sure any paint job you complete looks great! Know you know the why, find out our top two picks and how to use them.

Priming Interior Surfaces

If you’re looking to prime an interior surface, we suggest you try Zinsser B-I-N. This shellac-based paint doesn’t just prime. It’s a primer, odour-blocker, sealer and stain killer! If you’ve got interiors that need priming, this is your paint. It even adheres to glossy surfaces like glass! We suggest you apply this primer to ceilings, walls, doors and similar surfaces for the best results. If you need to do some spot priming on an exterior surface, you can use it on exterior metal, PVC and wood.

The great thing about this primer is that it dries in only 15 minutes and you can recoat it in 45!


Priming Exterior Surfaces

If your interiors are all nicely primed, you’ll want to think about outdoors. With exterior surfaces we often want to protect the surface from weather and water damage. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus is a water-based primer that can be used on interiors AND exteriors! As with the other primer, it’s great for stain blocking. If you’ve already got stains from water or smoke, this primer like no other can be applied directly onto the stains!

It dries in just half an hour and is ready for a recoat in an hour, on a range of surfaces. Use it even on those tricky glossy surfaces that you usually struggle to hold paint on! The list of surfaces this primer works with is (almost) endless. So – if you need something flexible, this low odour primer is ideal.

There are many other primers around for different jobs and different tasks but these two should get you started. If you need any help with choosing a primer for your next project, just call Rawlins Paints.

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