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How To Paint Levelled Floor Screeds

Before painting floors levelled with a screed, we need more information before we can recommend a suitable product. Read on below to see how to tackle this common query.

You should check that your intended coating or use type is compatible with the floor screed used. Simply painting without prior checking will most likely result in having to re-screed your floor. This will put the area out of service for longer, preventing the use of your floor space and further disrupting business and customers.

Many levelling screeds/compounds rely on being overlaid with something. This can be tiles, vinyl, lino, carpet, wood flooring, etc. They do not expect to take direct traffic on the screed surface.

They expect to be overlaid as they are generally not strong enough to take traffic – even if painted – and would break down or wear quickly under use. They are also more likely to be manufactured with components that may react adversely to a coating or prevent good adhesion.

You should contact the manufacturer of the levelling screed used on your floor and ask for more information before painting:

1. If they say that it can be overpainted, you should ask if it will be suitable for the floors intended use, such as:

    • Garage floor with a car stored
    • Warehouse floor with forklift truck traffic
    • Factory floor with machinery, HGV’s

2. Ask the manufacturer of the screed for their recommended paints and coatings.

    • They may not have a specific brand or product in mind but may have a preference for the type of paint used. These include single pack, two pack, water based, solvent based, polyurethane, epoxy, etc.

If the floor screed can be painted then we can recommend suitable products for your floor. We will base this on the information from the levelling screed manufacturer and your requirements for the floor’s appearance or use.

Once you have the information we need, contact our technical team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected]. We make buying specialist paints easy and will find the correct product for your requirements.

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