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How To Paint Over Nicotine Stains

Read our handy 3 step guide below on how to quickly and easily cover over nicotine stains blighting existing indoor paintwork, using Zinsser products.

The Zinsser range of Paint Over Nicotine products have great hiding power and provide outstanding stain killing. Quick to use and cost-effective, they can transform interior spaces over the course of a day.

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The Benefits

Step 1. Surface Preparation

Step 2. Priming

Step 3. Decoration

Zinsser Paint Over Nicotine Products

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The Benefits

Unsightly nicotine stains smell stale and make a property look and feel run down – hardly the sort of image a modern business wants to project to its customers and client base.

Whilst most buildings have redecorated since the smoking ban came into force in England in 2007, moving into new premises can reveal some hidden nasties that may have been hastily covered up by its previous occupants. It’s important that businesses are back trading as quickly as possible, not only to generate profits but to serve its existing customers and prevent the competition from gaining a foothold.

Landlords will also want to get a property back onto market as soon as possible, refurbishing after heavy smokers have vacated.

Step 1. Surface Preparation

Start by ensuring the affected surfaces are clean and dry, free from anything that could interfere with adhesion of the Zinsser products that will be applied.

Scrape or brush the surface with a stiff-bristled brush to remove loose, failing material, leaving a sound edge to rub down and feather with fine-grade abrasive paper.

Moisture content should not exceed 18%, prior to painting.

Remove all dust before using Zinsser Mould Killer to treat the affected surface, removing signs of organic growth in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and then allow time to dry.

Where sound paint remains, clean the surface down to remove any contaminants using Zinsser Universal Cleaner & Degreaser, removing residue by thoroughly rinsing with clean water, allowing it to dry.

Step 2. Priming

Using methylated spirits, degrease the surface thoroughly and change cloths regularly, before filling defects and cracks in the surface with a suitable filler appropriately and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and allowing time to dry.

Next, rub down the degreased and filled surface with a fine grade abrasive paper, removing all dust before priming areas with one full coat of Zinsser Cover Stain, and allow a minimum of 2 hours for the primer to dry (in normal conditions).

Patch-primed areas can be brought forward with a coat of Cover Stain, allowing it to dry before moving to step 3 below.

Step 3. Decoration

Now the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and primed, it can be decorated with 2 full coats of Zinsser Perma-White Interior Paint. Apply in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and allow 2 hours minimum drying time between coats.

The paint is available in Matt, Satin or Semi-Gloss finishes with 4,000+ colours from RAL, NCS, and British Standard available in RAL & BS ranges, meaning businesses, landlords and homeowners can easily match their branding and existing colour schemes without having to change the rest of the space – another money-saving and time-effective benefit to using Zinsser products to cover those unsightly nicotine stains.

Any doubts or questions? Contact the Rawlins Paints Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or [email protected] to discuss your requirements and cover the nicotine stains on your interior paintwork.


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