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How to Paint Stairs in Commercial Buildings


Commercial buildings are often high-traffic places. Stairs can take some damage on busy routes and can even be dangerous if they don’t have the right grip. You’ll find that your stairs on the first floors take the most damage and get the most use. These stairs are definitely the ones to check, to see if they are due a makeover. It’s possible to paint your stairs to match your surroundings for busy commercial buildings.

Anti-Slip Floor Paints

Anti-Slip floor paint is not only useful on large floor areas, but your stairs too. It’s a great idea to use on any areas where moisture (or any other substances) could make your floors slippery. Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip floor paint is great for steps and stairways made from concrete, wood, metal and GRP. It also comes in a range of colours so you don’t have to sacrifice your colour scheme. The ready-mixed aggregate leaves you with a textured coating to help create a rough anti-slip finish.


Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

Just like anti-slip floor paint, anti-slip floor coatings can be used on your stairs as well. 502 HD Anti-Slip Coating is a great choice if you want a one-coat, hard wearing epoxy resin finish. It’s suitable for stairs made from concrete, stone metal or wood. The heavy-duty carborundum particles mean that your steps and stairways will be able to withstand heavy traffic. It’s incredibly easy to apply and the textured surface gives you a nice, uniform anti-slip finish. If you’re not convinced yet, it’s solvent-free and virtually odour-free – added bonus! Again, it’s available in a wide variety of colours so theirs no excuse not to include anti-slip paint on your commercial stairs!


To make sure your paint looks great and keeps your stairs safe; make sure you use the right tools for the job. Applying your paint or coating with the correct tools will allow you to have smart even paintwork. You want to make sure you prepare properly too. Proper preparation will allow your paint or coating to last much longer. If you do work in an area were you come in contact with slippery substances, make sure your employees always wear the right footwear.

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