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How to Plan and Build Your Decking Area

A decking area is perfect for enjoying sunny days, or even watching the fireworks in winter. If you plan well and use the right tools, you can quickly and easily build your decking area. Then, all you have to do is decorate!


Planning tips

If you’re installing new decking then you need to consider a few things. For example, do you want it to be free-standing, supporting itself, or supported by the wall of a building? Either way it can look great, but you need to make sure you have the right materials.

Before you run out to get timber, make sure you’ve drawn basic plans and taken down measurements. Think about where it’s going to go, how big it’ll be, and if you want to feel the sun or hide it somewhere private. You need to make sure it’s not blocking any exits or anything important too.

Rope in some assistance to make sure you’ve got the right measurements jotted down – and double check! The last thing you want to do is get the wrong size wood. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to install decking, you just need a tape measure and quick plan!

Building tips


When you start building your decking, you’ll need to prepare the ground and build the framework, where your timber will lie. Once you’ve fixed in the decking boards and screwed everything into place, you will need to treat the wood to make sure your decking lasts a long time.

In summer you may want to apply an anti-slip decking coating such as Blackfriar Anti-Slip Deck CoatingThis clear coating means you can still show off the natural beauty of the timber, all whilst having a slip-resistance surface. Decking can become very slippery and dangerous so it’s an important step!

If you’re in the winter months by the time you get round to doing something about your slippery decking, then GRP anti-slip strips are the way to ensure that your timber is really slip proof. We recommend this as slippery wooden areas can cause a lot of problems, especially in bad weather and are almost impossible to apply a paint or coating to when wet and damp. Use 1105 Anti-Slip Convex Decking Strips (50mm) if you want to have the protection of anti-slip strips, and compliment the natural beauty of your woodwork.  All you need to do is screw fix them to the decking.

Once you’ve planned, installed and protected your decking, you can enjoy it! With anti-slip protection, it won’t seem like a hazard in winter, so you won’t have to avoid your decking area. If you plan well in advance you can get all the important factors and still have fantastic looking decking.

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