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How to Prepare Wood Trim for a Professional Paint Finish

Are you about to tackle your wood trims? Before you do, read our blog to find out how to get the most professional finish.

In order to get a quality finish, you need to prepare the wood correctly. Proper preparation will allow you to have a great looking paint job. So where to start?


You may want to sand down your surfaces and clean the area. Give yourself a well prepared surface to start with, and it’ll make the work much easier. Using a primer will allow you to protect the wooden surface underneath the paint, and get a longer lasting finish from any decorative paint you use.

One option is to use a primer such as Remmers Induline GW-306. This clear/coloured primer will bind loose wood fibres together, making it even easier to paint and allowing for a smooth finish.

Additionally, using a primer like this will help to protect your wooden surface from harmful UV rays from the sun. The clear finish retains the natural beauty of the wood making it ideal for use under translucent wood stains. It’s even OK to use at colder times of the year under opaque finishes as well!


We’d also recommend taking a look at Blackfriar Aluminium Wood Primer. This primer is made for hardwood surfaces. It’s designed to stop bleed through to fresh paint work and can be used on new or old hardwood surfaces! Better still, you can use this primer for your interior or exterior surfaces.

There you have it. Use a good primer and your wood trim will look professional! For more advice speak to Rawlins Paints.

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