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How To Professionally Paint uPVC Doors and Windows

Most homes and businesses in the UK today have uPVC doors and window frames. Their very low-maintenance and high weather resistance was revolutionary when white uPVC windows and doors became widely available in the UK in the 1980’s – but that was a long time ago.

These days, business premises such as shops, offices and services can often change tenants, each wanting their own branding scheme. Homeowners love to customise and refresh their exterior décor, but replacing existing uPVC is expensive and disruptive. White uPVC just does not cut it anymore.

There’s a big demand for professionals who know how to spray uPVC windows and doors in domestic, commercial and industry sectors – and we have the uPVC paint available to buy today.

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Trending uPVC Paint Colours

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Rawlins Paints – Professional uPVC Paint Stockists

uPVC/PVCu used to be an incredibly tough surface to paint, with inadequate primers not sticking to the surface, resulting in topcoats simply peeling back off. An absolute headache for building owners and applicators alike! In recent years, uPVC paints have become much more economical, durable, and able to be spray-applied.

At Rawlins Paints, our professional uPVC paints and coatings are self-priming, ensuring outstanding adhesion to suitably prepared uPVC surfaces. Unlike most paints for plastic, which simply stick to the surface, products such as Kolorbond Original form a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface instead, ensuring far greater performance. They come guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years for adhesion, and guaranteed 5 years against excessive fading, for ultimate colour stability.

uPVC must be cleaned properly before painting – our recommended Kolorbond and HMG products have their own range of cleaners and degreasers to quickly prepare surfaces for painting, with options for faster curing and hardening.

With no primer to use beforehand, and applying using a spray gun, painters and applicators can really reduce their time on site and help minimise disruption caused to their customers and clients, ensuring faster returns to service.

A quick turnaround is a must in these tough days of retail, for example, where every day counts. Using our professional uPVC paints can help a business open to fanfare just in time, with their recognisable colour schemes and branding in place on day one. Our huge range of coloursover 2,400 – ensures you will not be stuck for choice when it comes to matching existing branding or choosing something new and fresh.

Who Needs Professionally Painted uPVC?

  • Private Homes, Landlords, Letting Agents & Property Developers
  • Restaurant & Cafe Kitchens, Shops, Storerooms, Supermarkets, Offices
  • Industrial Units, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses
  • Public Services including Libraries, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Swimming Pools, Sports Centres
  • Hospitals, Care Homes, Churches, Town Halls, Civic Centres

The retail industry has seen plenty of periodic refreshes as companies jump from one colour scheme to another. There is a lot of psychology involved designing shop fronts and fascia’s; to be more appealing and welcoming, standing out from opposition on the high street and retail park, and remaining in the public consciousness. Many Co-Operative stores in the Yorkshire Dales, for instance, refreshed their building exteriors to cream, to white, to light blue, then to anthracite grey in a short space of time.

Frequent changes of tenants occupying retail units will warrant a fresh shop front spraying when a new outlet takes over the lease, but with franchising becoming more popular, it is existing stores that require a full makeover. These interior and exterior projects can be expensive – , £400,000 makeover – as franchise owners repeatedly chase the new look and feel for their restaurants and shops so that they exhibit the same style, nationwide.

Many stores use uPVC signs, cladding, and fascia’s because of its outstanding resistance to weathering and UV light, requiring very little maintenance besides routine cleaning.

As services and eateries replace groceries and offices in town centres, many are setting up on the outskirts of town or on industrial estates. To guard against cut-edge corrosion in metal cladding and rot in wooden panelling, these older warehouses are being updated with uPVC cladding instead which requires large-scale spraying projects.

The domestic market demands professional uPVC sprayers; baulking at the price of new uPVC windows and doors, landlords and homeowners are turning to repainting their existing plastic exteriors and interiors instead.

The recent COVID pandemic has highlighted hygiene levels inside service buildings, schools and hospitals. Kolorbond can be mixed in Steritouch colours on demand, with an antimicrobial additive that helps to protect uPVC surfaces from the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. These can include lockers, finger panels on doors, skirting boards and more.


Painted uPVC looks incredible when the correct products are used

Which uPVC Surfaces Can Be Painted?

Best paint for plastic drain pipes

What paint to use on plastic drain pipes?

As well as uPVC window frames and doors, we receive plenty of enquiries for paint for plastic drain pipes. As well as employing professional uPVC spraying companies for their expertise and experience in repainting surfaces, customers may be less confident with exteriors that require scaffolding, or in hard-to-reach areas.

Pipework Please note – the insides of gutters and drain pipes are not to be painted with our uPVC paints.

Which Professional uPVC Paints Do You Recommend?

Rawlins Paints are Kolorbond paint stockists; Kolorbond are renowned in the UK as paint manufacturing specialists for uPVC and PVC windows and doors, leading the way for spraying cladding, facias, and many more plastic surfaces.

Kolorbond range of uPVC spray-applied paints are a real heavyweight in today’s market for commercial and industrial applications. At Rawlins Paints we offer the full range of colours – 2,400+, in RAL, NCS, and British Standard, a minimum 10 year guaranteed chemically-bonded adhesion, and colour stability without fading for 5 years.

Kolorbond Original


  • Specially developed for PVC and uPVC (PVCu) plastic, it can also be used on other hard plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic (not GRP) and polyester powder-coated metals
  • Designed primarily for use on windows, doors, claddings, facias, and conservatories
  • Used in new and refurbishment work in the domestic and commercial sectors of the market
  • Ideal for on-site application, for interior and exterior use
  • Chemically bonds with the surface – guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years
  • Extremely colour stable – guaranteed to hold its colour, without excessive fading, for a period of 5 years
  • UV resistant – gives protection from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun
  • High coverage
  • Quick drying – 24-hour post cure
  • Readily available in 2400+ colours from RAL, NCS and British Standard
  • Can be colour matched to nearly any colour (including metallic, pearlescent shades, and Steritouch range), finish (matt through to gloss), and texture
  • Inert when dry; suitable for use on toys etc
  • Also available in 400ml aerosols in the full range of 2,400+ colours, making it ideal for small-scale projects and touch-up work
  • Performance and guarantees not valid without purchase and use of the relevant cleaning products

Application Instructions for Kolorbond Original

Before starting to prepare window frames for painting, blow swarf and dust from the profile with your compressed air line.

  1. Mask the frames covering all surfaces which do not require painting.
  2. Clean the substrate using Vinylkleen. This will remove all water-soluble contaminants together with most oils.
  3. Thoroughly clean the surface again using Windowprep on a clean white cloth which should be regularly turned.
  4. Lightly abrade the surfaces to be painted with red Scotchbrite and blow off any debris.
  5. Check that the paint colour and gloss level are correct, then thoroughly mix the Kolorbond paint making sure that any colourants on the base of the can are mixed in. The sprayer must wear a spray mask with the appropriate filters.
  6. Use a tack rag, if necessary, to remove any dust or swarf remaining on the surface of the profiles.
  7. Spray the profile with a dust coat and check for any contamination before proceeding. This dust coat is important.
  8. Spray a medium coat, allow to flash off (approx. 6 minutes). Inspect for inclusions and remove with 320 grade pre-cut paper. Apply a further medium coat.
  9. Allow all solvents to leave the paint before protecting the painted surface with a low tack protective tape. This can vary from overnight at 45℃ to 4 days at winter ambient temperatures (8℃). If you wish to dispatch sooner than this, wrap in paper or thin foam for protection.
  10. Before applying protective tape, check the paint finish for inclusions, light edges, and application faults. Re-work if necessary to ensure that the finish is correct and to the customers specification.

Note: Please check adhesion on small plastic parts used in the window industry. These are sometimes made from mixed plastics (not pure PVCu) or polypropylene. If adhesion is poor, spray with a mist coat of Polyprep immediately prior to applying Kolorbond.

Technispray Kolorbond paints

Kolorbond K2

  • Ideal for off-site application – easy to apply using any standard spray equipment in a manufacturing environment
  • Tested and demonstrated effectiveness in coating PVCu (uPVC), GRP, mill, powder coated & anodised aluminium, stainless steel, hard plastics, cast iron and steel, light alloys, galvanised and phosphated steel, and even glass.
  • HUGE colour range – Available in 2,400+ colours
  • Can be colour matched to nearly any colour, finish and texture (and Steritouch range)
  • Choose smooth or textured options, in matt through to gloss finishes
  • Glass Additive available
  • Chemically bonds with the surface – guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years
  • Extremely colour stable – guaranteed to hold its colour, without excessive fading, for a period of 5 years
  • Finished coating highly resistant to abrasion, and other accidental damage
  • Very durable once dry
  • In most applications does not require a primer
  • Excellent coverage
  • 2-pack system with individual components (base, hardener, thinner and accelerator) available separately
  • Product guarantee and performance are only guaranteed with use of Kolorbond K2 Hardener and Cleaner

Application Instructions for Kolorbond K2

This paint is for professional use only

Performance and guarantees not valid without purchase and use of the hardener and relevant cleaning products

 Mask the substrate, covering all surfaces which do not require painting.

  1. Clean the substrate using Vinylkleen. This will remove all water soluble contaminants together with most oils.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface again using Windowprepon a clean white cloth which should be regularly turned.
  3. Lightly abrade the surfaces to be painted with red Scotchbrite and remove debris. Uncoated metals must be abraded with a grit paper to remove any oxidation
  4. Check that the paint colour and gloss level are correct. Thoroughly stir the Kolorbond K2 paint making sure that any colourants on the base of the can are mixed in.
    • Stir in the required amount of K2 Hardener, 5:1 by volume (6L and 30L packs only; for 1.25L pack size, hardener is supplied in 250ml size but only 200ml is required). The paint will now have a maximum pot life of 2 hours. Only mix the amount of paint you can use in that time.
    • If spraying glass, add 10% G-pro Glass Additive (available on the product page at our online store) and mix in thoroughly
  5. Use a tack rag, if necessary, to remove any dust or swarf remaining on the surface of the substrate.
  6. The sprayer must use a mask suitable for 2 pack paint. Skin must be protected by the use of gloves etc.
  7. Spray the substrate with a dust coat followed by a medium coat.
  8. Allow the first coat to flash off then apply a second coat. A third coat may be added if a dry finish of up to 90µ thickness is required. Any inclusions should be removed gently, with red Scotchbrite, between coats.
  9. The paint will cure and harden overnight. The paint can still emit solvents after curing so leave as long as possible before applying protective tape.

HMG uPVC paints

HMG PVC Pro Colours

  • Specifically developed to adhere to uPVC substrates to renovate window frames, conservatories, and doors
  • Performs very well when coating window frames, reducing the risk of window seals adhering to the coating
  • Available in a wide colour range of over 350+ RAL & BS shades
  • Designed to be “Ready for Use
  • Applies straight from the tin via brush or spray application
  • Ideal for larger project or smaller, intricate paint jobs that require the finesse of a brush to work in smaller areas
  • Great coverage; 10.5 square metres per litre @ 20 microns dft (Theoretical)
  • Good long-term durability
  • Quick drying
  • Highly flexible
  • For professionals only

Application Instructions for HMG PVC Pro Colours

  1. A full risk assessment should be carried out prior to application and appropriate PPE used. When using PVC Pro, temperature should be between 8°C and 34°C. The paint sticks to rubber weather seals but if silicone has been used this must be removed as the paint will not adhere to it. A new silicone seal should then re-applied once the windows have been painted.
  2. Cleaning of the substrate is vital to remove contaminants on the uPVC substrate prior to painting. Lightly abrade the surfaces to be painted and wipe clean. Clean the substrate using Prep Clean 2806 for old PVC or Prep Clean 2805 for new PVC.
  3. A light dusting of PVC Pro should then be sprayed on to the plastic to check that all contaminants have been removed.
  4. Apply 2 coats of PVC Pro via brush or compliant spray gun to give full and even coverage. Allow a flash off time of 10-15 mins between coats. Film build should not exceed 35 microns DFT. The product will be touch dry in around 10-15 mins, hard dry after 45-60 minutes depending on ambient atmosphere.
  5. Leave your windows and doors as long as possible, to allow the coating to fully cure.

Where Can I Buy uPVC Primers and Preparation Products?

Our uPVC paints are self-priming in most instances, providing the surface is correctly cleaned and prepared, free of dust and debris, mould, and dust prior to application. For this, Kolorbond and HMG have their own ranges of pre-treatment products.

Vinylkleen removes all water-soluble contaminants together with most oils. Windowprep is an alcohol-based cleaner for uPVC. For promoting adhesion on polypropylene, use Polyprep.

For HMG products on uPVC, use their Prep Clean 2805 for new uPVC, or Prep Clean 2806 for old uPVC.

How Many Colours Are Available For Painting uPVC?

Anthracite grey upvc spray paint

Anthracite Grey uPVC paint is currently the most popular colour for both commercial and domestic customers and is available in products designed for application by spraying.

We provide uPVC paints in 2,400+ colours from RAL, NCS. And British Standard ranges, with more on request, including Steritouch. Should your customer require a colour you cannot find a decent match for, we also accept mail-in samples that we can close-match on our hardware.

Provide your business and domestic clients with our outstanding palette of colours to help match existing branding, or to rejuvenate properties with refreshed plastic windows and doors, cladding, guttering and more.

uPVC in thousands of colour options

Can Your uPVC Paints Be Spray Applied?

Many professionals prefer to apply uPVC paints with spray equipment for an even finish and faster turnaround for their clients. Our recommended products above can be sprayed, with Kolorbond K2 and HMG PVC Pro also applied to uPVC surfaces with brushes. This can be better suited to painting existing doors without the need for removing hinges or extended masking around brickwork and surrounding surfaces.

Can I Use The Same uPVC Paint For Interiors And Exteriors?

We are regularly asked for recommended paint for plastic skirting boards; Kolorbond Aquatek is a great choice for site application on interior refurbishment projects, domestic & commercial applications.

Initially formulated for easy spray application, modifications have been made to enable Kolorbond Aquatek to be brush applied and is available in the full Kolorbond range of 2,400+ colours with the same 10-year adhesion and 5-year colour guarantees. For interior uPVC surfaces inside hospital buildings and education facilities, where there can be a higher risk of spreading viruses by touching surfaces, Kolorbond Aquatek can also be mixed on request to Steritouch shades which has an anti-microbial additive.


We Are Here To Help!

Need a particular product for your next project? Hopefully our blog covers your questions, but for anything we can answer your queries on colour options, preparation, priming and cleaning – just leave us a comment below, or contact our technical team directly on 0113 245 5450, or you can email us on [email protected].



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