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How to Quickly and Easily Remove Rust from Metal Forever

Rust is a nightmare to deal with isn’t it?! It seems to crop up just where you don’t want it. Though, there are plenty of solutions to avoid and correct rust. Read on to find out how to really get rid of that nasty rust, and have your metal surfaces looking as good as new!

Before you get started on rust removal, you’ll have to do some cleaning up. Give the surface a good clean, and be sure to remove any dirt on the surface. You need to make sure there’s no dust or grease too.


Next you want to make sure that you use a wire brush or power tools to tackle any loose millscale or flaky bits of rust and paint. If the area is large, power tools will help to speed up the process. If the steelwork is weathered, you’ll want to use high pressure cleaning with at least 200 bar pressure. This high pressure cleaning is done by wet sandblasting until a degree of derusting Sa2 is achieved or by spraying off with water (with rotating spray head) of a mechanically derusted surface (degree of derusting St2). The distance between the cleaning gun and the metal must be sufficiently short during cleaning in order to be sure that all non-adhering rust particles are being removed adequately. If you’re not sure about things like this just ask Rawlins Paints!

Then, we recommend you use Coo-Var Rust Converter. This paint for steel will quickly and easily turn the rust on the substrate into a stable surface. This means you can coat it without having to worry about any other corrosion!


Here’s some of our top tips on how to apply Coo-Var Rust Converter. Store the product at room temperature for 24 hours before you use it. In that time, you can be cleaning and preparing the surface. Next, you want to get a brush or deck scrubber to apply the product. You could use spray or roller but the other tools with allow the Rust Converter to penetrate the rusty surface.

If you’re using a brush, use thin even coats. After you’ve applied the product your surface will turn a navy/black if you’ve followed all the instructions. Make sure you read them to get the best results. It can seem like adding more time, but you’ll get the best results with the right temperature and humidity.

You should now be able to tackle those rusty surfaces with ease! Coat them with the finish suited to your project and you’re good to go.

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