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How To Repair and Refurbish A Pitched Roof

The seasons are changing and you’ll want to make sure that your roof is in good shape. Strong winds and bad weather can cause serious damage, so you might start to think about maintenance. If you have a pitched roof, it might seem like more of a task to repair and refurbish it than a flat roof. However, in a few simple steps you can repair your roof, rid the internal ceiling of unsightly water stains and make sure it’s ready for all seasons.


Before you start any kind of repair for your pitched roof, you need to ensure that it’s clear from any vegetation, litter, and standing water. The better you clear your roof, the better your repair job will turn out. It can be an extra task but it could help your refurbished roof last longer! Over the winter seasons you may want to keep an eye on any vegetation that gets stuck. With the right products you can reduce the damage this build up may cause, and worry about it less. However, you should always try to keep on top of it to keep your roof pristine!

Repairing and refurbishing with primer

Using a primer before applying a roof coating is always advisable as they are usually inexpensive and provide a whole range of benefits. Thermilate PRO Roof Primer is ideal for clay tiles, weathered slate, concrete stone and more. It works best on a clean, dry surface, but it can actually be applied to damp surfaces if you’re having issues getting it dry. Not only will this primer help to avoid flaking, or peeling of your coating, but it also has moisture resistance properties. Using Thermilate PRO Roof Primer means that your roof will have higher strength and better chemical resistance. This superior product will help to reduce the maintenance we mentioned earlier, as it stops oil and other stains whilst incorporating a UV filter. This combined with impact and abrasion resistance will help to prolong the performance of your roof. Fantastic preparation for bad weather!


Repairing and refurbishing with coatings

If you’ve used the above primer, it goes hand in hand with a great product, that will make your roof stand out and look good as new. Thermilate PRO Insulating Roof Coating offers waterproofing and insulating properties giving you a durable finish. It’ll help you to save energy, reducing the loss of heat in winter. This in turn will help to save on your energy-bills! It’ll even carry you all the way through to summer, as it will help to reduce excessive heat gain in summer. Anti-mould, anti-fungal and anti-lichen protection will help to really reduce your maintenance for many years.

Using a good primer and coating, you can repair and refurbish your roof, entirely rejuvenating it, without having to replace the whole thing!

Repairing and refurbishing your roof doesn’t have to be difficult. But, if you need any extra help, Rawlins Paints are always here to help.

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