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How to Transform Your Working Environment with Colour

Dull, unkempt offices keep morale down and motivation low. If there is no effort in the building in which employees spend a large proportion of their time, it’s hard for them to feel proud of the company they work for.

Tackling negative colours


The colour on the office walls may have been chosen out of convenience, this can often lead to poor colour choices. Dark, dull rooms can make employees feel lethargic. If the lighting is poor and colours such as grey and black are dominant, it will affect moods. At the same time, going too far and using harsh, bright colours such as red, can make a room feel almost threatening. Considering the connotations of colours and the intensity can make a huge impact.

Adding positive colours


In order to instil positivity in employees, there are colours such as blue, which can boost moods. Nature often inspires creativity and improves the mood, therefore, colours which remind us of nature are calming and inspiring. As with darker colours, it is possible to go too far. Choosing too many pale or pastel colours can have a negative effect. Colours such as light green or pastel blue often remind us of being ill. This is as hospitals often choose these colours as they are seen as calming and associated with recovery.

Your first step to a vibrant atmosphere


The key to transforming a working environment is balance. Creative decisions should consider how colours compliment each other and their associations. An all-purpose interior emulsion paint that insulates is a fantastic way to make a change which saves money in the long run. Insulating paint helps to reduce heat loss, lowering our bills. In smaller offices, budgets are often tight, therefore a paint with a dual purpose will be more cost-effective. Another way to do two jobs in one is to use a paint which protects against mould and mildew. Using this kind of paint areas of high humidity, such as the office canteen, or areas with frequent temperature changes and poor air circulation will help to reduce maintenance.

Other factors


The walls are the most obvious choice for a colour boost. However, once they are painted other factors must be considered. Choosing accessories, furniture and artwork to compliment colour choices will also help to transform the working environment. Remember, not to be afraid of darker colours, whites and neutrals. In some cases, they can be more effective and inspire creativity as there are few distractions. However, consider using accents such as painted doors, skirting boards and office décor to include positive colours in the working environment.

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