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Iconic Fictional Locations Of All Time

Comic book fans and iconic television buffs will love this infographic – it takes a look at the pros and cons of some legendary fictional bases, as well as showing which of Rawlins’ paints you’d need to transform your office, factory or home into your favourite sci-fi location.

So, whether you’re a Doctor Who fan, who wants to paint his home TARDIS blue, or a Marvel superhero enthusiast, who can’t wait to daub their work office block into Iron Man’s Stark Towers, the graphic (below) can help.


  1. Anything which travels at speed – like the TARDIS – would need some heat resistant paint protection – you wouldn’t want to burn up when you come soaring back into the atmosphere!
  2. Something as big as the Death Star would need health and safety, as well perhaps as planning permission – so sticklers for attention to detail, keep in mind the logistics and stock up on enough direct to metal paint, like CombiColor from Rust-Oleum – perfect for large scale jobs where an exact colour match is required.
  3. If you plan to take your Iron Man suit out to Comic Con, for example, keep a tin or two of decent spray paint to hand for any damage you may incur whilst bustling in queues for autographs.
  4. The new Jurassic Park you may be planning will need a fair bit of line marking to guide visitors in the right direction and to ensure those double yellow lines deter ‘selfie’ hunters parking up and looking for a viral snap with T-Rex.
  5. In space no-one can hear you scream – but that’s no reason for not ensuring those claustrophobic and circulation free rooms are free from mould and damp. Get a decent lick of damp-proofing paint up on the cell walls!


Industrial Paint for sci-fi movie sets

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