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Ideas for Beach Themed Spaces

Sunshine brightens up everyone’s day and there is something about the beach that makes you smile. If you’re looking for a beach themed space idea, then try some of these for inspiration. Whether it’s for your home or workplace, it’s easy to give any space a beachy feel.


Bring in the sunshine

A sunburst mirror can be very effective in creating the feel of sunlight in a room. All you need, is a mirror and skewers, metal rods or even wooden dowels to create the effect of sunlight around a circular mirror and frame. Be inspired by tutorials online, and paint frames or other pieces with Ardenbrite Metallic Paint (Solvent Based) for a truly spectacular finish. Metallic Paint will leave you with a shimmer that makes it feel even sunnier in your space! If you place the mirror well, it could look like the sun shining down on the beach! It’s also a way to bring the beach theme into a room, with a few other decorative elements without it being ‘too beachy.’


Create a golden sunset

If you think of your walls like a canvas, you can use paint to create your perfect beach themed space. Try a gradient of colour such as Daffodil Yellow, Flame Red and Zinc Yellow to create the feeling of a sunset with Rust-Oleum CombiColor Multi-Surface. Sunsets over beaches are incredibly picturesque – so bring some of that feeling into your space. Start with a lighter colour, and use the darker colours at increments down the wall and use a sponge to soften the gradient. You could even use block colours for a sunset feel but a modern look!

Bring on the sand

Of course, you can’t have a great beach without sand. But how do you create the feeling of sand – without having to actually use it? Get clever with your floor paint and it’s easily done.

506 Anti Slip Dressing has a beautifully natural finish, as well as being anti-slip. The decorative aggregate is broadcast into a clear binding resin which gives the appearance of loose stones, without the trouble of it being loose. You can use all sorts of different aggregates to create different effects.


Don’t forget outdoors

If you have decking outdoors, it’s possible to bring the beach theme to the decking too. Use bright coloured Teamac Marine Gloss and choose one or more colours to bring it back to life. If you use the right accessories, you can create a really effective nautical scene outside!

Remember, when it comes to the beach – don’t overdo it. Beaches are often spacious and open, so bring that feel into your space. If you use key elements to show off your beach theme, it’ll be classy and exciting!

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