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Interior and Exterior Paint Coatings for Wood and Metal

When you start any project, if you choose the wrong paint for the job you’ll find that you’ll be shelling out for retouches and maintenance quicker than you expected. It’s important that when you begin any job you make sure you have done the preparation required, bought the right tools and chosen the right paint.

When it comes to wood and metal, they need to be treated differently from other surfaces such as concrete and should be primed and painted with separate paints. However, in some instances there are multi-surface paints on the market which allow you to cover a variety of surfaces, including wood and metal that don’t require any primers or change of paints between surfaces. The convenience these types of products offer often outweigh the alternative and are something you should consider when thinking about what to use on your project. Read on to find out more about our two most popular multi surface paints.


Bedec Multi Surface Paint

This decorative paint is more than suitable for wood or metal. It doesn’t matter if it’s an interior or exterior surface. You can also use it on concrete, brickwork and more! This water based paint will allow you to choose the colour you want and avoid frustrations such as flaky or peeling paint. You can also use this paint to cover a previously painted or varnished surface. Depending on the finish you like to have, you can choose glossy, matt or satin. No matter which type of finish you choose it’s a quick drying paint that doesn’t require a primer!


Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint

You might have seen this product advertised on TV and again, this paint doesn’t stop at wood or metal. It can also be used on plastics, ceramics and more! We highly recommend this paint as it is a topcoat and primer rolled into one. It’s so easy to apply directly onto your surface. This paint is suitable for interiors and exteriors so you can finish more jobs with the same paint.

We chose to talk about multi-surface paints today as we know many of you need one paint to do several jobs from time-to-time. If you have a question about choosing a specific paint for a surface, feel free to get in touch. Our experts can advise you on weather a multi-purpose paint will get the job done and save you time, or if you need a specialised paint. It’s also a good idea on new or bare exterior timber to add some additional protection by using wood preservatives first if you have the opportunity, something like Blackfriar Wood Preservative is very economical and protects against wet rot, dry rot, blue staining and wood boring insects.

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