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Managing Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire safety in any building is hugely important. No matter what kind of workplace you are in if you’re an employer you have a duty of care to keep your staff safe. There are many rules and regulations involved when it comes to safety. Here today we’ll talk about a few fire safety regulations you need to be aware of, and the right tools for fire safety.


Your responsibilities

An employer must carry out regular fire risk assessments and inform staff of any measures you’ve put in place to reduce risks. You need to have planned for emergencies and provide your staff with the relevant information and training. Keeping your premises safe involves using the right tools and preventative measures too.

Flame Retardant Treatments for Wood


For different surfaces, you’ll need different products. Flame retardant treatments are absorbed into the surface. 1001 Fire Retardant Treatment is a clear product which can be used internally and externally and upgrades suitable timber surfaces to Euro Class B & C (equivalent to UK Class 1 & 0). You can use it to treat surfaces such as cladding and staircases. This product is formulated so that you can still see the natural wood underneath and not lose its beauty! Additionally, this treatment is moisture resistant and will remain effective for the lifetime of the timber meaning no ongoing maintenance requirements. You can be safe in the knowledge that your treatment won’t wash away and that it will help to restrict the spread of flames in your building in the event of a fire.

Flame Retardant Treatments for Steel


If you want to protect a surface that’s steel or cast iron, you’ll need the appropriate product.

We recommend Thermoguard Thermocoat W. When strong heat from flames come in contact with this intumescent coating, it causes a reaction. This reaction causes the coated surface to create an insulating layer 50 times thicker than the paint itself! This way, the steel below is protected leaving you with a sound building structure.

This paint system allows you to protect a surface for up to two hours – and you only need a few coats! This intumescent paint is ideal as you can cover it with a range of tried and tested decorative topcoats. You’ll have your desired look and a protected surface.

This kind of protection will save you a lot of money if you’re needing it for a big project. You should ask the experts in the technical team for a specification for your project so you’ll know the exact amount you’ll need and how many coats to apply, simple and cost effective!

As we said our technical team are here to help. And not just with fire retardant paints! Get in touch today.

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