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Most Influential Architects of All Time

Architects are often seen as artists, creating beautiful buildings that stand for many, many years. A good architect creates not only a building but a legacy, think of beautiful buildings such as cathedrals, town halls, museums and so on. Often these buildings become landmarks synonymous with the location, drawing in tourism and inspiring other artists.

There are so many great architects it can be difficult to choose from them all! But here are a few that we believe are some of the most influential architects of all time, from the modern world to ancient times.

Antoni Gaudí


Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Spanish architect who has often been hailed as one of the greatest architects of all time. He is the genius behind structures such as the stunning Barcelona Cathedral or the striking Casa Batlló. These buildings are still around today and are popular with fans of great architecture and beautiful artwork. The intricate designs of these buildings make them a sight to behold, inspiring other architects and artists worldwide! Gaudí was around in the 1800’s to 1900’s meaning his buildings have been standing for awhile. With paint technologies such as  Zinsser Grade 1, these buildings can be carefully restored and maintained with a paint that is designed to tackle problems in period properties, as they often have different issues to newer builds. It’s important for curators looking after these buildings today to use paints like Zinsser Grade 1, as without specialised paints the beauty of the building can be lost over time.

Frank LLoyd Wright


This architect is the brain behind a building in New York known as The Guggenheim. It’s full name is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and it was built in 1959. This museum is one of the most unusual concrete structures in the world, especially at the time it was built. The atrium is a beautiful site, with the building design turning it into a huge landmark for the city. As this building was so unique and unusual at the time that it’s sure to have influenced many other great concrete structures. You may also recognise this building from popular media as it often inspires people and turns up in TV Shows, Films and much more.

Chris Wilkinson, OBE


Moving into more modern times, there are architects creating the buildings of today, that will be looked on as great structures and landmarks in the future. Chris Wilkinson, OBE, and his company Wilkinson Eyre Architects are amongst some of the most influential architects of today. Chris Wilkinson and his company have won many awards such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards and Stirling Prize. So why is he so influential? A key design from Chris Wilkinson’s career is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge here in the UK. The construction of this bridge is incredibly inspiring as it is one of the few ‘tilt bridges’ in the world. Not to mention – it’s a beautiful sight when it’s lit up at night time.

As well as these stand-out architects, there are many talented architects showcased on programs such as Channel Four’s Grand Designs. Currently, there are some incredible homes in the ‘House of the Year’ awards from architects around the UK. We’re sure these striking homes will inspire the next generation of architects and maybe even your next design!

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