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New Coating Technologies and Techniques

Paint and coatings aren’t breaking news, but paint technology just gets better and better. As time goes on, the options available to you are so much wider; it means you can get really specific with your paint choices. If you notice your paint isn’t offering you the protection you need, it’s time to look at new technologies and techniques. Keep you finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry with the British Coating Federation. Read on for some of the latest breakthroughs…



Liquid repellent technology has improved by massive amounts in recent years. It’s great for keeping your surfaces clean and dry. We recommend you use Rust-Oleum NeverWet. It comes in an easy to spray system, so you can repel mud, water, ice and any other liquids.  NeverWet works by turning liquids into shapes that roll of any surface easily. It does this, all while protecting your surface from damage caused by moisture.

The great thing about this spray is that it works on nearly anything. That includes canvas, aluminium, metal and wood – indoors our outdoors!



Losing heat from any building can be costly. If your heating system isn’t effective, you’ll find yourself running up huge bills. Did you know that the paint coating you use on your exterior could help your insulation efforts?

See our range of solar reflective paints that will extend the life of your roof in three ways: by reflecting sunlight away from the surface and therefore reducing heat transfer into the building, by decreasing thermal contraction and expansion of the roof membrane, and by helping to manage and stop leaks. Solar reflective paint can help to lessen energy costs and simply improve the aesthetics of the roof.

If you want to find out more about new coating technologies and techniques, speak to Rawlins Paints today.

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