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New Paint Tech That Could Change Your Work Place for the Better


Welcome to the future – of paint technologies

In this post we talk about the top paint technologies that could give your workplace the spark of life it needs!

Did you know that the environment you work in affects productivity, massively? Investing in the appearance of your place of work is more than worthwhile, if employees and customers are pleased with the environment; you are more likely to see positive outcomes! Happy employees are essential as well, improving their surroundings could improve their mood and one study found that a happy employee is 180% more energised than a less happy one! That’s why it’s so important, here goes…

Anti-Slip Floor Paints

New paint technology in the UK

If your work place is somewhere where you are working with fluids and slippery substances – like a garage, food factory, or a warehouse dispatch depot – there are likely to be spills from time to time, for example, if your place of work is a commercial kitchen, this paint is ideal for you.

Anti-slip paint systems are not entirely new, however there are plenty of new ranges and products to ensure that you have the safest possible work environment.

Exterior Gloss Paints

New types of exterior gloss paint

Again, this type of paint isn’t completely new, however new technology has helped to make exterior gloss paints better than ever. Paints such as the Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss offer a perfect gloss finish for all surfaces. Not only that but it is designed to offer up to 8 years of protection on many exterior surfaces! Keeping your paint work fresh and nicely finished can be time-consuming and costly, but with the right finish you can make sure your place of business is always looking its best. People say first impressions count, so a well-finished exterior can only help!

Chalkboard Paint

Advancements in chalkboard paint

Chalkboards often bring back a little nostalgia from the days of school. However, new chalkboard paint technology makes it perfect for the office. You can get creative with chalkboard paint and use it to paint part of a wall for example, where you can record team achievements and write motivational messages. Chalkboard paint is much more durable than it was in our school days and comes in a great matt black finish that allows you to write clearly on your chalkboard and clean it easily.

Anti-Graffiti Paint

The future of anti-graffiti paint

Did you know there are now many types of anti-graffiti paints and primers that you can use on your business? If you work in a busy area, where you’re unfortunately likely to receive graffiti on your exterior or interior walls, you may have even considered this already. You want your place of business to look its best at all times, so whenever you have a key client or customer visit, you feel confident about how you are presenting your business. A tidy workplace can also help to put those client and customers minds at ease, particularly if it’s new business.

If you need any advice for the right kind of paint for your workplace, get in touch and one of our experts will help you out. Alternatively leave a comment below!

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