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Painting Industrial and Commercial Resin Flooring

To set the benchmark and redecorate, rejuvenate or renovate industrial strength and commercial quality resin flooring in your business premises, look no further than the range of epoxy floor paints at Rawlins Paints. Designed to deliver an aesthetically stunning finish to previous resin or concrete floor installations if required, or to new builds, the project scale of these illustrious protective finishes is limited only by how big or small your floorplan space is.

Are you looking to retain and preserve the look and feel of a poured resin flooring installation? Or maybe recolour a recently installed system? If there has been recent renovation or maintenance work that requires refinishing – with full technical support from us on the best suited products, through to its application and maintenance – then read on.

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Poured Resin Flooring

Poured resin flooring is available in a vast array of popular and bespoke colours – ideal for businesses and companies which have colour-coordinated environments, matching logos and apparel.

Multipurpose and popular for floorplan areas inclusive of open plan offices, shop floors and restaurants, poured resin flooring is a durable installation that will bring a contemporary and luxurious feel to any environment. Its seamless laying method also works well with underfloor (wet or electric) heating systems.

With resin flooring being poured in on-site, it enables a smooth and elegantly detailed finish around walls, stairs, and pillars. Application can be direct to a range of underlying substrates, with stable UV protection for a long time ahead. The hypoallergenic qualities delivered by poured resin flooring makes it favourable within the food and drink industry, hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies, schools, nurseries, creches, and childcare facilities.

Heavy duty and high-quality epoxy resin flooring can be used in manufacturing and industrial areas, workplaces and warehouses. Its chemical and oil resistance makes it ideal for more demanding industrial sectors.

To change the look and feel of poured resin flooring, there are paints and coatings available to:

  • Produce an anti-static finish
  • Improve or expand upon the aesthetical colour scheme
  • Work with existing underfloor heating systems
  • Basic refurbishment requirements
  • Provide additional, hard-wearing surface protection
  • Reduce downtime with fast curing and quick drying paints
  • Meet any HACCP or hygiene specifications
  • Upgrade the anti-slip grade of the flooring installation
  • Add further anti-corrosion protection in demanding work environments
    • Provide additional chemical resistance
  • Allow for low-temperature renovation work
  • Deliver moisture tolerant coatings
  • Sustain the temperature resistance of a previous installation

Introduction to Epoxy Resin Paints and Coatings

Not only are epoxy resin paints and coatings durable and cost-effective, they can match the expectations and specifications of a host of working and public driven environments, from daily light vehicular activity in factory and manufacturing plants, to retail and shopping malls’ heavy pedestrian usage.

There is occasionally confusion between epoxy floor paints and epoxy resin coatings and which is best for existing resin flooring:

Epoxy Resin Coatings

Epoxy resin coatings are different from epoxy floor paint. An epoxy resin coating can be used on floors, walls and ceilings, and is a strong adhesive surface coating. These coatings can be made to react with themselves, or with another co-reacting agent – a hardener. The hardener agents provide differing levels of protection for flooring:

  • Strength
  • Waterproofing
  • Flexibility
  • Surface adhesion

Different co-reactants can deliver differing bonds of the epoxy resin coating to metal, alloys and substrate materials within industrial, commercial, marine and electrical applications. For more information about each specific epoxy resin base and hardener agent, please refer to product data sheets.

Epoxy resin coatings are designed to deliver specific application requirements, inclusive of high heat and electrical current tolerance. In addition to this, certain epoxy resin coatings are designed for use on wastewater treatment tanks, or swimming pools – this is due to the chemical resistant properties.

Epoxy Floor Paint

Rawlins Paints distribute a fantastic selection of heavy duty epoxy floor paints, and unlike epoxy resin coatings which can be used on multiple surface areas, these floor paints are specifically designed for just that.

Epoxy floor paints can be installed into almost any floor space or floorplan area – strengthening, waterproofing, protecting and supporting the underlying substrate, which is typically concrete or cement. Hugely advantageous for factories, warehouses and garages, epoxy floor paints offer superior shock and impact resistance.

For these specific requirements, epoxy floor paints available to buy here today also offer:

  • Slip resistance
  • Quick drying
  • Fast curing
  • Waterproof protection
  • UV protection

Epoxy floor paint is best applied by a professional contractor as incorrect application can lead to a host of problems including; poor adhesion, excessive moisture being trapped under the epoxy layer, slow or often complete non-drying of the floor coating, reduced durability and more. If in doubt please consult the Technical Department.

Epoxy Floor Sealer

Finally, epoxy floor sealers are applied to increase the durability and strength of a previous floor coating, or as a final finish for dust proofing or to leave the substrate visible for aesthetic purposes. Sealers come in various technologies including epoxy, water based, MMA, polyurethane, alkyd and more.

Some sealers can even be used to finish a floor installation with the highest sheen, impact and abrasion resistance. Whilst further blocking and offering water and bacterial resistance, these floor sealers can protect your floors for years.

Recommended Epoxy Floor Paints at Rawlins Paints

Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote

Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote is a two-pack, water based, epoxy coating for interior floor and wall surfaces in garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks, workshops, etc. Available in hundreds of colours from the RAL and BS colour chart range, it is a solvent free and almost odourless coating that is easy to clean and leaves a smooth, satin finish.

Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote for resin flooring

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptionally abrasion resistant
  • Smooth satin gloss finish in almost any colour
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Water-based, very low odour

Coo-Var Profloor Plus FH

Profloor Plus FH (Fast Hardening) is a fast curing version of the Profloor Plus product. This two-pack, solvent free epoxy resin coating is designed to allow the laying and recoating of a surface within the same working day.

It is particularly valuable where rapid return to service is required, or where the economics of a contract require that two coats may be required in the same working period.

Coo-Var Profloor Plus FH for industrial resin flooring

Profloor Plus FH provides a versatile, durable, attractive gloss finish in a range of colours and as a floor coating is suitable for use in most industrial environments – on concrete, polymer screeds, asphalt etc. and provides a durable, decorative, attractive and easily cleanable surface. The faster speed of cure makes this product particularly useful in the recoating of areas with minimal delay or down time.

Being low odour, Profloor Plus FH is ideal for use in the food industry for preparation, processing, storage areas, bakeries, dairies and breweries etc. where solvent based products are unsuitable. The hard wearing and chemical/oil resistant properties also make Profloor Plus FH ideal to use in showrooms, display areas, supermarkets, warehouses and workshops.

Sikafloor 264

Sikafloor 264 is a two component, solvent free, high building coating and seal coat. An economic, coloured epoxy applied by roller for concrete and cement screeds with normal up to heavy wear. Ideal for storage and assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps, etc.

Sikafloor 264 is a heavy duty industrial floor paint

Features and Benefits:

  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Easy application
  • Economical
  • Liquidproof
  • Glossfinish
  • Slip resistant surface possible

310 Chemical Resistant Coating

310 Chemical Resistant Coating is recomended as an internal lining for concrete or steel storage tanks; chemical bunds, chemical resistant floor/wall coating for chemical and printing works, bottling and canning factories, pharmaceutical production, water treatment works, oil refineries, etc.

Rawlins Paints' 310 Chemically Resistant Floor Paint for resin flooring

Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Solvent Free
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Tough, durable and abrasion resistant
  • Very rapid cure, even at low temperatures
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned

Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy

Safe-T-Epoxy is a roller applied, traction enhancing epoxy resin coating suitable for use in heavy wear areas. It contains fine, traction enhancing particles embedded in a tough epoxy resin coating and may be applied to concrete and wooden surfaces. It can be applied on concrete floors, which are completely clean and dry. It is not recommended to apply on smooth/dense concrete or concrete containing a curing compound, which will prevent a good adhesion.

Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy Floor Paint

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for larger areas
  • Easily applied by roller to concrete, stone and timber
  • Chemical & wear resistant
  • Non-flammable, solvent-free and virtually odour free
  • 2 coats in one day


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