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Quick Fixes to Update Your Garden

Updating your garden doesn’t have to be a strenuous task, whether it’s large or small. There are a few quick fixes you can make to update your garden and make it feel fresh again. Try some of these ideas and you may be surprised at what you can do quickly and easily!


Give your wooden surfaces a quick boost

An easy way to make your garden feel like it’s updated, is to make sure your wooden surfaces and decking are looking their best. This is easily done, by using a wood stain to bring life back to the surface. Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain is a stain that also protects timber as it is weather-resistant, water-repellent and even resists flaking and peeling! It will also leave you with a beautiful satin finish, making your garden look exciting and new again.

Light up the night

If you’re updating your garden in winter, it may be dark and miserable out. With clever and creative garden lighting, you can transform it into something magical at night, lighting up all your other updates so they don’t go unseen! Lighting is easily changed too, depending on the season or if you’re having a party.


Revitalise your outdoor furniture

Many of us have plenty of aged plastic furniture hiding in the garage. After well used summers and the rainy days we forget to put it away, our outdoor furniture and plant pots start to look bad. If you want to quickly restore any plastic furniture, all you need is a can of Rust-Oleum Direct to Plastic. All you need to do is spray the product directly onto the plastic in either gloss white or black. Your outdoor furniture will look good as new!


Make quick eye catching decorations

If you have any old ornaments, interesting rocks of varying sizes or anything that has the potential to be decorative, you can get creative! With Rust-Oleum Textured it’s easy to change anything you think has that decorative potential into a work of art!  The textured spray is easy to apply, leaving a rich, multi-colour, textured finish. It’s perfect for turning wood and metal surfaces into something more interesting. You can even use it on other surfaces if you prime the surfaces first with a suitable Rust-Oleum Primer.

You really have the chance to be adventurous with this spray, perhaps go hunting for old looking ornaments and give them a quick update with the textured spray!

If you’ve any questions about the products mentioned in this post – just ask the friendly team at Rawlins Paints.

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