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Safety Flooring in Commercial Situations: 3 Alternative Methods

Trips and slips are a health and safety nightmare. Because it’s so easy for the smallest hazard to cause a fall, you need to be proactively making sure that you put safety measures in place. If you’re in a commercial environment you want to make sure that you are making your premises safe for any visitors. You want it to be safe for yourself and your staff too! Read this blog post to find out how to make your flooring safer.



We’re not talking about dressing up or salad here. Something you can do to make your flooring safer, is to use an anti slip dressing. Products like 506 Anti Slip Dressing come with a flexible binding resin and a decorative aggregate. This will create a sort of ‘stone carpet’ effect on your surface. Your floor will look like loose aggregate without all of the stress of maintenance! A product like this is ideal for walkways and so on outdoors and is used extensively by parks and heritage sites, but you could use it inside to bring a bit of nature into your premises. Why use a dressing? Well 506 Anti Slip Dressing is ideal for heavy footfall where you need good slip resistance. You can even seal it with a clear sealant, which will help with stains. It’ll also make the decorative finish really stand out.


Tread Covers

Tread covers are a great option if you want to save money and create safer stairways. You can use inexpensive tread covers like 1102 Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers, to help avoid slips on slippery stairs. It works well as the ultra-durable quartz grip surface provides you with a hard wearing finish that you can walk on almost immediately! As the covers are made from pre-formed glass reinforced plastic, they are easy to install and can be glued or screwed into place. This particular tread cover product is ideal for slip resistance anywhere your surface might come in contact with any liquids, oils or weather conditions such as ice.


Adhesive Coverings

Here’s another option for you to try. Self-adhesive coverings can come in a roll, perfect for applying to stairs or smooth surfaces. If you get your hands on 1702 Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Roll you can trim it to fit any area and apply it quickly and easily. As soon as you have applied the anti-slip roll, you’ll be able to use the surface again! It’s good option for areas that have a medium level of traffic and need a good grip fast at a very low cost.

There are many other ways to make your flooring even safer. Just speak with Rawlins Paints for other ideas!

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