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Shed Of The Year: Spend A Little Time On Your Shed

Do you want to have the shed of the year, or think you do but need to give it a little boost? Then now’s the time to get outdoors and make it look great. There’s even a competition every year that celebrates great British sheds! The Shed Of The Year competition is a chance to show off what you can do in your garden, with something as simple as a shed. If you’ve not thought about making your shed into something exciting and new, it might be time to turn it around.


Be inspired

The Shed Of The Year competition brings out Britain’s most creative DIY-ers and gardeners, looking to impress with their sheds. Now a shed doesn’t have to just be for garden tools, and it doesn’t have to be boring! Take a look at some of the sheds from this year, to fuel your inspiration. You could turn your shed into anything from a castle to a Japanese tea house!

Work on the fauna and the flora

Just because you’re focusing on the shed, doesn’t mean you should ignore the greenery. When you’re thinking about spending more time sprucing up your shed, remember to think about it’s surroundings. Sometimes they can make all the difference!

Decorate & Protect

If you just want to make your shed look good again, you need to decorate it and prevent problems caused by UV light and weather conditions. Solignum Architectural (Solvent Based) leaves you with an opaque finish that is water repellent and helps protect the wood from UV light. With this wood stain you can choose a beautiful tone, and get to work straight away without needing a primer. Solignum Architectural actually penetrates the timber, meaning that it won’t flake or crack but will still allow the timber to breathe.


Look after the interior

When it comes to the interior of your shed, you can really go to town. It’s up to you how you choose to use it, but use the space well. If you don’t have a lot of garden tools, then why not turn it into something else? Make it into new well-organised storage or even a lounge area! If it looks great on the outside, make sure it looks great on the inside too.

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