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Should You Spray Paint or Roller Your Walls?

When it comes to painting, you don’t just have to pick up a brush. There are so many methods you can choose from, a simple task like painting your walls can be a headache! If you like efficiency, speed, and a nice even finish, your top two choices are probably spray paint or roller. So which one should you choose? Read on to find out!


Spray Painting

You can spray paint interior walls if you like speed, and outdoors too. You can complete some jobs much faster than other methods available by using a paint sprayer. In many cases, it’s more suited to exterior jobs, as you can get paint everywhere! It’s ideal for your garage or a large outdoor wall if you need it done quickly and with a professional finish. The only thing you need to be careful with when you’re spray painting, is over spraying and wasting paint.

However, with a sprayer you can achieve a more controlled, fine finish with your application on smaller jobs, even indoors. They can be perfect for smaller trims, stairs, fences and other details! When it comes to spray painting, you need to think about what it is you are painting. For example, you could use a sprayer on interior doors, where you just can’t quite get the professional finish you need with a roller.

You can even take items such as doors and so on outdoors and spray them in a large open environment!


Roller Painting

Many painters will stick with rollering when it comes to the indoors, as it gives you better control of the flow of paint. You don’t have to worry about paint spray getting into the wrong places. If you’re decorating an interior room, you should think about picking up a good roller kit. The General Painting Application Kit is fantastic for making sure you have the basics for any painting job. You may just need to do a quick job, or paint a whole room. Either way, this kit has everything you need to achieve what you need when it comes to roller application. In the kit you’ll get a roller frame, tray and two medium pile sleeves. And that’s just the start! You’ll also have a contractor brush pack, a disposable hooded worksuit, a hand paint mixer AND a pair of disposable gloves! This way you can save money by picking up a pack and get right onto painting your walls.

Each method has it strong points, either way you can achieve a fantastic, professional finish, as long as you take your time to find the right tools. If you’re still struggling to decide, speak to the friendly team at Rawlins Paints!


  1. I prefer spray painting for its speed and professional finish. Only thing is it takes practice to get a really good finish. Worth it though.

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