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Summer Maintenance Jobs 101

It might not feel like summer yet but it’s getting warmer and warmer. Start making plans for summer maintenance now and you’ll appreciate it next winter! If you do these tasks when the weather is good, it’ll be much easier to complete. It’ll also mean it’ll help to prevent the coming winter weather affecting your property.

Vegetation removal


If you’ve noticed any vegetation popping up between cracks or settling in gutters and so on, summer is the time to start removing it. Leaves and other debris can cause you problems if they are left for too long. It’s much nicer to clear away any plant life in summer than it is in winter when it’s become saturated with rain.

Roof Repairs


You don’t want to be clambering on the roof in slippery, wet, weather. It’s dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and you’ll certainly regret leaving it too late if the winter conditions expose cracks where water can creep in. Do your roof repairs while the weather is nice and it’ll save you a difficult job later in the year. By using a fibre reinforced coating, you can quickly and easily seal leaks and cracks for immediate waterproofing.

Concrete Repairs


Concrete areas again do not perform well in bad weather conditions, without proper maintenance. Spend time repairing any concrete in Summer, so that it can withstand the winter. For repairs you could use resurfacing screed to smooth the surfaces and repair minor defects. You could also consider using a hole and damage mortar. Either way, we recommend a polymer modified primer for reinforcement and to act as a bond to the repairing screed or mortar you use. Good weather means the concrete is likely to be dry making it an easier job for you.

Floor Coating


Outdoor floor areas often need to be able to withstand heavy footfall, vehicle traffic and the weather. Car parks, drives, and so on will need maintenance at some point. If you do this in the summer, you’re less likely to come against problems related to wet weather. Doing the job in the summer will give the flooring a better chance to dry. Plus, if you’ve already completed concrete repairs, you may want to update it as well with a floor coating that protects the surface.

Metal Cladding Protection


Metal cladding is often sturdy, but in winter the elements are hard to avoid. Protect your metal cladding with a thick anti-corrosive coating, for rust prevention, waterproofing and corrosion protection. A clear day will make the whole process much easier, and your cladding will be ready to withstand anything that winter may throw at it.

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