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A Simple Guide to Spray Painting Cladding and Corrugated Metals

Cladded and corrugated metal surfaces are the perfect candidate for spray painting. If you have these kinds of surfaces it’s likely there are gaps, nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with an ordinary paint brush. By using a paint sprayer you can make sure that you cover all areas with a nice, even finish. It’ll even save you ...

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5 Reasons to Paint Your Metal Cladding BRIGHT!

Metal cladding can start to look dull and boring after awhile. Did you know using bright, metal cladding paint can revitalise your building? In order to get your metal cladding ready for a bright new look, you need to prime it. Rust-Oleum Metal Cladding Primer will make sure that your surface is ready to be painted. The Rust-Oleum Mathys Metal Cladding ...

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Cladding: How to Paint Cladding Panels

Cladding is often used on exteriors as a finishing material to protect the structure. Sometimes it’s found indoors, in bathrooms for example. Cladding simply means a material that protects another. Wooden versions of cladding are often found on the outsides of homes and even inside in hallways, sports halls, etc. Steel cladding is also very common and found on many ...

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