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How Office Decor Can Motivate Your Staff

A good employer will understand how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to employees. If you want people to work harder you need to engage and motivate them. Employers need to consider all avenues, down to the office decoration itself. If you’re sceptical about how much redecoration can boost your employees moods and productivity then read on. Colours ...

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Ideas for Beach Themed Spaces

Sunshine brightens up everyone’s day and there is something about the beach that makes you smile. If you’re looking for a beach themed space idea, then try some of these for inspiration. Whether it’s for your home or workplace, it’s easy to give any space a beachy feel. Bring in the sunshine A sunburst mirror can be very effective in ...

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10 Stunning Staircases You Can Do Yourself

A staircase doesn’t always seem like it has much prominence, but when they look old and worn out – you suddenly notice them! A staircase can make or break a room, and even transform a hallway. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your staircase choices.   Colourful Safety Staircases If you have a slippery stairwell or a staircase that ...

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