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The Difference Between Damp Proof Paint and Anti-Condensation Paint

Although they seem very similar, damp and condensation are different issues and require different solutions. Hence, there is also a significant difference between damp proof paint and anti-condensation paint. It does boil down to the same thing: moisture is either finding a way into your property or cannot find a way out. A healthy property needs to breathe, with good ...

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How to Make Paint Look Better and Last Longer

If you’re starting a new paint job, or touching up an old one, you may be thinking about how to make it look better and last longer. Even good quality paints can lose their colour and finish over time. Elements like the weather, condensation and more can all affect your paint. But, if you use the right product to protect ...

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3 Scenarios When Hygiene Paint Should be Used

Hygiene paint may not always spring to mind as your first choice for a painting job, but in some cases it’s an excellent choice. If you’ve not come across it before, hygiene paint is a specialist paint, which is ideal for anywhere hygiene is essential to the environment. Read on to find out three different scenarios you can use hygiene ...

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Should You Spray Paint or Roller Your Walls?

When it comes to painting, you don’t just have to pick up a brush. There are so many methods you can choose from, a simple task like painting your walls can be a headache! If you like efficiency, speed, and a nice even finish, your top two choices are probably spray paint or roller. So which one should you choose? ...

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10 Problems Only A Facilities Manager Would Understand

As a facility manager, you often have to come up against many problems that need quick solutions. When you’re managing several large facilities it can get even trickier! However, if you already have the solutions the problems won’t seem so bad. Here are 10 problems only a facilities manager would understand, and some ideas on how to fix them. 1) ...

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5 Different Methods of Industrial Paint Application

If you’re starting a new industrial project you may be thinking, how should I go about painting this? There are many different methods out there, but here are five to get you started. Air spray Air spraying is fantastic for industrial paint jobs. An air sprayer uses air to atomise the paint into a mist or fine spray. You can ...

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