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A Simple Guide to Spray Painting Cladding and Corrugated Metals

Cladded and corrugated metal surfaces are the perfect candidate for spray painting. If you have these kinds of surfaces it’s likely there are gaps, nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with an ordinary paint brush. By using a paint sprayer you can make sure that you cover all areas with a nice, even finish. It’ll even save you ...

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How to Choose (and use) Paint Primer

At some point you may have started on your next bit of paintwork, and thought “do I HAVE to use a primer?” Well, not every paint or coating needs a primer. However, many paints do and it’s an important step. If you want your paintwork to look good as new for years rather than months, you must, must prime with ...

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3 Ways to Paint with a Compressed Air Sprayer

So you’re thinking about getting a compressed air sprayer, or you might even already have one… but you’re not sure how to get started. Well, read on to find out three ways you can use a compressed air sprayer to leave your paintwork with a professional finish! If you need help setting the equipment up, check out this spray painting tutorial. ...

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How to Paint Galvanised Metal

Are you looking at your galvanised metal surfaces wondering “can you paint galvanized steel”, and where to start with your paint work? Let us help! Whether you spell it as “galbanised” or “galvanized”, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task to keep galvanised metal surfaces looking great for as long as possible. Using mobile and know what you want? Head ...

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