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Anti-Vandal Paint and the Law

Have you ever wondered what anti-vandal paint is or what it’ll do for you? Today we’re going to talk about why you may need to use it and recommend which are the best products to use. Viewing this on your mobile? Shop the anti-vandal range here. View all safety and security paints and products View all anti-climb paints View all ...

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A Guide to Anti-Slip Floor Paints from Rawlins Paints

When you’re getting ready to paint your floor, the choice of anti-slip paints can be overwhelming! There are so many choices as we all need paints for slightly different jobs. We’re going to talk about four of our best paints so you can make the right choice for the task at hand. If you’ve never considered anti-slip floor paints or ...

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Foolproof Methods for Removing and Preventing Graffiti

Although graffiti can make great art (check out this Tribute to Graffiti), you don’t want it on your walls. When you own a business it’s an even bigger concern! It looks unprofessional and messy if your walls are covered in graffiti. Luckily, there are products out there than can help you to prevent and remove graffiti. Removal To remove graffiti ...

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What Causes Damp and Mould on Walls, and How to Fix It

Damp and mould are a nightmare aren’t they? When you start to spot the signs of damp or mould – don’t panic. If you catch the pesky damp early on, you’ll be able to repair your walls. To be able to spot the signs, you need to be able to understand the causes. You can test for damp with Moisture ...

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Authentic Paint Ideas for Traditional Barn Conversions

A barn conversion can look absolutely fantastic with the right care and attention. If you decorate it well and preserve the materials used to build it, it can make a great home or place of work. Here are a few ideas you can use when it comes to decorating your barn. Check out 10 of the Best Barn Conversions. Use ...

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False Economy: Why Cheaper Paint Doesn’t Mean Better

When you come to starting any project, there are a lot of costs involved. It’s tempting to cut corners with budget buys to keep down expenses. Sometimes this can work out great! Some cheaper products will do the job just fine. But when it comes to special paints for specific purposes, cheaper doesn’t mean better. This is because you need ...

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