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VIP Brands at Rawlins Paints: Zinsser

Recently, we have been blogging about two major brands that we stock here at Rawlins: Sika and Rust-Oleum. These major paint brands are used for small and large scale projects worldwide, from famous landmarks as The Golden Gate Bridge to small carparks in the Netherlands. Today, we’re adding our third brand to this list of VIP brands: Zinsser. Zinsser have a ...

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How to Effectively Paint Doors and Skirting Boards

Good decoration can restore almost any room to its former glory. Doors and skirting boards may seem like minor elements, but when they are badly decorated – you’ll notice. They can instantly make a room feel drab and unkempt. Give them some attention and you’ll be surprised at the difference you can make! Clean up Before you even think about ...

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