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Tarmac Restoration and Driveway Repair: How, Why, When and With What

When it comes to looking after a driveway or tarmac, you may forget to maintain it with the correct products, as we drive over it every day without a thought! After a while you may start to notice your drive becoming crumbly and looking worse for wear. There are a variety of things you can do to keep your driveway looking good all year round!


Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs

One of the simple signs to look out for with driveways is it becoming cracked and the material getting loose. There are a variety of things that may cause this and you can do things to prevent it. If you start to notice cracks, make sure you clean them regularly and pull up any plant life. If the roots get deep under the surface it will only cause you problems. If you have loose gravel like material, you may need to think about resurfacing or sanding and resealing.

You should always keep your drive as clear as possible and avoid the build up of things like leaves and standing water. If you get your hands on a good sealant you should find you don’t need to perform as much maintenance. A new coat of sealant can make your drive look refreshed again! Read on for our top two choices…

Tarmac Paint and Sealant


As we mentioned, plant life, water and even the sun can cause your surface to look old and tired. Hydron Mona-Guard Revive is a great high-quality sealant that will actually refresh your Tarmac unlike the cheaper products available. It comes in black and red so you can match it to your surroundings. We recommend this sealant for Tarmac because it’s UV resistant. This is especially important in summer. UV damage can deteriorate your driveways so it is important to protect it.  This sealant is easily applied and just as easy to re-apply, leaving you with a lasting, finish and a great looking drive.

Block Paving Sealant


Britannia Block Paving Sealer is great for breathing life into old paving. It’ll leave you with a long lasting clear finish, whether your drive is made from paving blocks or cobbles. If you’re starting to notice your block paving doesn’t look its best, sand the surface and apply the sealant. It will help protect your drive from UV and water damage – it’ll even help protect your surface from those pesky weeds!

Remember, all you need to really do is keep your drive clear and use a good sealant at a minimum. If you have any questions about the right sealant for your drive, ask the experts.

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