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The Advantages of GacoPro Roof Coating

We no longer stock this product; see our wide range of Roof Paints to protect and decorate your roof. From waterproof roof coating products for both pitched and flat roofs, to paints that provide joint reinforcement and protection for felt, metal, concrete, timber and many more surfaces.

As a Facilities Manager, Property Owner, Specifier or Architect with rocketing replacement or major upgrade costs you will know the importance of keeping those flat and low pitched roofs in good condition and extending their life, reducing maintenance costs wherever possible.


Cut Roof Maintenance Costs

There is growing awareness that a great source of cost savings can be found up on your roofs. Refurbishing your low pitched or flat roofs with GacoPro Roof Coating is more economical, causes less disruption to your business, is faster to carry out, and is environmentally friendly and energy saving. Gaco Western is at the forefront in the development of high performance, cold liquid applied, flat roofing systems and have developed roofing materials guaranteed to be totally waterproof, even under permanently ponding water.

Additional Cost Savings

GacoPro Roof Coating’s white solar reflective finish reflects over 85% of the sun’s rays thereby drastically reducing roof damaging thermal shock (expansion/contraction) in turn, this further extends the life of flat roofs. In most instances there will be substantial cost savings on expensive flat roof replacement and a significant reduction in maintenance costs


No Joints… No Leaks!

A completely monolithic, long lasting, easily refurbishable system which can be installed with the minimum of disruption.

  • No more fiddling around with Fibreglass. No more difficulties with the detail work.
  • This is a more focused approach which leads to a better job for Facilities Managers & Property Owners.
  • We select and work through highly reputable GacoPro Roofing Contractors, who are fully trained in the application of liquid applied roofing systems.
  • So, whatever the size of your roof, you can expect a long lasting, cost effective, highest quality result every time!!


GacoPro Roof Coating Approvals

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