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The Best Workshop Spaces That Every Man Will Wish He Had

Workshop spaces can be the ultimate man cave (or woman cave!). It’s somewhere you can escape to and concentrate on the project at hand. Having the right set up will change the way you work – it’s incredible how a few small changes can make a huge difference to your workshop!  Before you start dreaming try out some of these tips on your own workspace.

Clear out

Before you even think about starting on your workshop, clear out the space. Overtime, you might find that you have a build up of old tools and incomplete projects. Get some bin bags out and start getting rid!

Clever storage

Once you’ve cleared up, you can start to think about clever storage. This means, you’ll always be able to find what you need and everything will have its own space. You can even use your storage as a sort of decorative element by thinking about positions, colours and so on.

Brighten up the floor

Just because it’s a workshop doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Use Coo-Var Profloor Plus for a floor that can handle a heavy duty workflow. You can also choose a bright colour and even ad an additive such as mosaic or flakes to create unique flooring in your workspace.

Avoid graffiti

If your workshop is vulnerable to graffiti, you need to put something in place to make it easy to clean up. Mathys Pegagraff Hydro is a clear glaze that can be easily cleaned to remove any unwanted graffiti!

Be inspired

Now you know where to start. To bring your workshop to life, be inspired by some of the amazing designs people have come up with!


This is a great idea from Polished Habitat. By using clever storage, as we mentioned earlier, and painting large quotes on the wall, your workshop will be a fun place to be!


If you like the modern look, then use lighting and high-shine paints to create something futuristic. Good lighting can make a difference to even the most plain space!


Is wood more your thing? If so, then use it to make your ultimate workshop! Wooden elements can look great – as well as being functional!


Don’t want to hide all your tools away? Then display them like artwork! Use your tools and organise them by colour, even making it symmetrical so it’s got the wow-factor when people enter your workspace.


Fed up of your workshop space? You could completely overhaul it and turn it into a private screening room! We love the idea of having personal cinema.

Whatever you decide to do to your workshop, enjoy it and be creative!

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