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The Rawlins Paints Guide to Injecting Colour to Your Workplace

Is the décor in your workplace starting to get you down? It sounds silly but how your workplace looks can have an impact on how well you work! Rawlins Paints want to make sure your workplace is productive and well-decorated! Try some of these simple ideas on your interiors to brighten them up.


The Paint

For these colour injection-ideas, you’ll want to use Thermilate InsOpaint Interior Emulsion. Why? The range of colours to start with gives you plenty of choice for some cheery redecoration. As well as looking good, this paint can dramatically reduce condensation – that’s if it doesn’t get rid of it altogether! Not only will your new paint work look great, but you’ll be saving energy and saving money.

Read on for a few quick and easy ideas on brightening up a workplace.

Block Ceilings

Find yourself looking up at the ceiling and thinking it looks a bit dull? There’s no reason not to paint it a brighter colour. This way, you can keep the rest of the colour scheme plain and just have a pop of colour on the ceiling.


Bright White

If you are going to go for a white paint, choose a bright white to make sure the room feels open and airy. Duller colours may make the room feel sleepy!

Painted Frames

Are your door frames, skirting board and so on looking a bit plain? You could try adding a simple splash of colour round the edges of your interiors so that there’s a little bit of colour to catch your eye on a slow day in the office!


Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours when you’re painting. Blues and greens can look fantastic together, and can even be used on a small area in an interchanging pattern. Why not try using a light colour and a dark colour to create stripes or chevrons? You could just do one wall as a feature – or the whole thing!

Custom Stencils

If you really want to get creative, choose your paint in a fun colour and use a stencil to apply it on an area of your choice. This could be an abstract pattern, a company logo and so much more! Use your imagination to make your workplace unique – don’t be afraid to get all the staff involved with ideas.

Hopefully these ideas will have got you started. If you need any tips speak to Rawlins Paints!

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