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What Does This Colour Psychology Chart Say About Your Room?

The Emotional Effects of Colour

We live in a world full of colour and all have our favourites, but did you know colour has a much bigger impact on our lives than we may think.

It can affect our mood, the way we think and even our creativity. From the floor paint we pick, up to the ceiling, both indoors and outdoors, the colour around us can really shape our day. It’s no surprise that playgrounds are so colourful, with their bold metal paints and colour coordination – it creates a safe, primary coloured environment that also fizzles with adventure and excitement.

Most heat resistant paints are black or white, so even monochrome has its place in our consciousness. From luminous and fluorescent colours, to pastel shades and matt, satin or gloss finishes, unconsciously our mood, emotions and tolerance of a situation can be affected by colour.

There is a reason why cancer wards in hospitals are often painted pale pink – pink is considered to be calming and peaceful – and did you know green is a great colour to paint your bedroom, as it is associated with security and restfulness as well as health and harmony?

Do you feel anxious or more lively when you’re in a yellow room? This could be due to the fact that yellow is believed to stimulate nerves and speed up metabolism. It is, therefore, a great colour to use to aid productivity in the workplace or paint your office canteen.

The psychology of colour is truly fascinating, as this infographic explains. We hope you can use it to inspire you when choosing which colour paint to decorate your home or office.


Colour Psychology Chart

Colour Psychology Chart

RawlinsPaints.com’s Colour Psychology Chart

What Colour Best Represents Your Home or Office?

Rawlins Paints would like to see if this colour psychology chart represents our customers, so if you have a photograph or description of a room in your home/office, please leave a comment below.

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