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Keep beautiful features looking great in your property with fire retardant paint

Although fire safety is necessary, you can make it more interesting. If you use flame retardant paints in a creative way, all you need is a basecoat and a smoke & flame retardant topcoat. Then you can use the ideas below to keep your features beautiful and enhance them.

Colour Splash

A splash of colour in an otherwise dull room can create an exciting feature. If you have a wall that’s used to display items, consider painting it with a bright colour to draw attention to the display. Don’t forget about your ceilings too. One way to introduce colour is to add it to the ceiling. This can be particularly interesting if the ceiling has interesting features, exposed beams or patterns in the plaster.

Bright Colours On The RAL Chart Spectrum


An easy way to enhance your rooms is to use patterns. Chevrons are easy to create with stencils or masking tape. Alternatively, you could use other geometric shapes such as rectangles and circles to create excitement. Consider the furniture and other decor throughout a space. Patterns and shapes that are found on these items can be reflected in the paintwork to create a theme.


Monochrome is a simple, yet effective colour scheme. Large open spaces can benefit from a monochrome colour scheme, where accessories and furniture can be used to add more colour and compliment black, white and gray. Chrome and gold finishing will be brought to life with a simple monochrome scheme.


If you’d prefer to leave your interiors in one solid colour, you could use a contrasting colour to highlight trims and doors. If your trims such as skirting boards are patterned, it can make them even more interesting.


Gradients and ombré effects are increasingly popular. It’s an easy way to keep colours down to a few choices. Using the different shades and tones of a colour help to break up monotony. If you have tall walls, having a darker gradient at the bottom draws the eye down, making a space feel even more grand.

Contrasting Colours On The RAL Chart

Arty Effects

Another option is to start with your preferred colour, and use arty effects to compliment features in an area. Consider the areas in which you want to show off and draw attention too. Stencils are a great way to achieve arty effects, as well as other techniques such as colourful paint splatter.

By using hard wearing paints that protect your building from fire and look great, you can highlight features and keep the whole space looking beautiful.

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