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VIP Brands at Rawlins Paints: Sika


In our last blog post, we delved in to one of the high profile brands we stock at Rawlins Paints – Rust-Oleum. As we stock so many great brands, we are dedicating an online series of articles to some of them. We’ll be exploring projects and famous landmarks, to expose the depth and versatility of our VIP brands.

Today, we’ll be discussing another impressive brand –  Sika. Sika are an internationally recognised brand. They have over 170 factories in 97 countries. It is hardly surprising that their products have been used on many landmarks and major projects. If you thought the Golden Gate Bridge was an impressive project, just wait till you read more about all the structures Sika’s products have been used on over the years. From roofs, industrial structures and bridges to zoos, temples and even cars -Sika has collaborated worldwide on many largescale projects.

Belton Lane Bridge, Grantham, United Kingdom

Let’s start close to home. In Grantham, UK, the Belton Lane Bridge crossing was in need of repair and maintenance. Water ingress had started to cause damage below the waterproof coating. Thus, the Council decided a renovation project was in order. The decision was made to remove bituminous sheeting and to repair the concrete surface where needed. The bridge would be prepared with a waterproof coating and then coated in with a new asphaltic concrete overlay.

In order to provide the bridge with a new defence against water ingress, the waterproofing and anticorrosive coating Sikalastic 841 ST has been used. It is great for bridge deck waterproofing as it has a very fast curing time, can be applied in a wide variety of temperatures and offers good chemical resistance. This coating was followed by Sika Concrete Primer with the Sikalastic 827 HT modified hot-melt adhesive. Sika Concrete Primer is ideal for projects such as the bridge renovation as it too has a very rapid curing. It is easily applied and is a great bonding agent for cementitious substrates.

Shenyang New World Garden, China

Sika also often collaborates with property developers, including New World China Land Limited in China. Many of Sika’s products, such as waterproofing and bonding products, have been used to complete various New World China Land developments.

When the work was underway for the Shenyang New World Garden, a high-end residential area, Sika was consulted to help out in coating the garage flooring in a durable, rich coloured and abrasion resistant coating. The coating needed to withstand a high frequency of cars passing over it. The challenge in this project was that it had a strict deadline and needed to be done in three months. Sika and their contractor rose to the challenge. With the use of Sikafloor 264 – they coated the entire garage flooring within the needed time frame. For the traffic lanes, Sikafloor 264 was combined with Sikafloor 315 for added abrasion protection and chemical resistance.

It’s not difficult to imagine why Sikafloor 264 was recommended for this project. It is a coloured epoxy for concrete and cement screeds with normal to heavy wear. This makes it ideal for storage halls, workshops and garages. It has a great gloss finish, easily applied with a roller, economical to use and offers good chemical and mechanical resistance.

It is also a very versatile product and could also be used to make a slip resistant surface with the addition of Sika Anti-Slip agent. If you are thinking of using one of our Sikafloor products and require further assistance on what additives or exact product is the right one for your project, please give our expert technical team a call.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Mercedes Benz S Class car

For those who have used Sika in their own projects, it may not come as a surprise that Sika’s products and their applications are not only used for flooring, waterproofing, roofing and large-scale projects. Sika is involved in many outstanding manufacturing processes. This also includes car manufacturing! More specifically, Sikaflex, SikaReinforcer and SikaPower are all products that have been used in the manufacturing process of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

As a brand that prides itself on being premium, it is no surprise that such a high quality and reliable brand as Sika has been used in Mercedes-Benz cars. Their adhesive solutions have been used for the bonding of the windshields, or the roof lining for example. Although we stock many Sika products, SikaReinforcer and SikaPower aren’t in our list. We do, however, stock a wide range of Sikaflex products. Our range consists of various solutions for many applications. We have adhesive sealants that are multipurpose for both indoor and outdoor use, high performing Sikaflex sealant that is chemical and abrasion resistant and adhesive pastes that are designed to be used in the marine industry.

If you need any assistance on deciding what product to use for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It isn’t hard to see why we consider Sika to be one of our VIP brands. We’re proud to stock a brand with such presence. Sika can be used for many different projects of any size. Whether you are dealing with something on a smaller scale or are looking on advice on a larger scale project, we are here to help. Just drop us a line, leave us a comment or give us a call.

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