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Waterproof Paints – Dispelling the Myths

When looking for a ‘waterproof paint’, you can find yourself in a bit of a minefield. Most paints claim to have some level of waterproofing properties and yes, most paints are waterproof in some way (excluding the sort from nursery you stick on the family fridge).

However, there is one critical question that could cause your local vendor to shift sheepishly from foot to foot:

“I appreciate these paints are all waterproof, but just how waterproof?”

When it comes to clothes, there are definitive terms and guides; ‘Shower-resistant’, ‘Waterproof’, ‘Wetsuit’. But in the paint industry, we seem to be in somewhat murkier waters (pardon the pun). There isn’t a go-to chart we can refer you to, but what we can do is help you understand what level of waterproofing is needed for which type of project.

For simplicity’s sake, we will start with smaller, domestic projects and work our way up to thicker waterproofing.

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Waterproofing Masonry and Exterior Walls


If the exterior walls of your home need waterproofing, there are some ESSENTIALS you should be looking for from your product:

  • Elasticity – this prevents tearing, blistering and flaking
  • Breathability – It is vital the substrate isn’t strangulated
  • Crack Bridging – This hold off signs of ageing in all conditions
  • Anti-Corrosion/Carbonisation. It needs to not let in harmful chlorides

There are other excellent qualities you may look for, such as fungal protection, solvent-free, fast-curing and so on, to meet your tailored needs.

To make things easier, here are THREE popular products in the Rawlins Paints product range:

Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating

Rust-Oleum’s esteemed Mathys Murfill range offers a waterproofing coating that is 100% waterproof, 400% elastic, colour protection from sunlight in even the darker shades, low odour and minimal VOCs, making it environmentally friendly.

Zinsser Watertite

The overriding selling point of Zinsser Watertite is it’s exceptional ability to stop up to 34psi of water pressure and provide mould and mildew protection. It can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, an unusual and exceptional trait, and boasts a recoating time of four hours.

Remmers MB 2K

This is an incredible product and deservedly leading in its field. This multi-tight paint from Remmers provides a thicker coating that can be used on containers and tanks as well as buildings. It can also be used on horizontal surfaces that are NOT habitations (see below for waterproofing flat roof paints). Like the Zinsser, it has a fast-curing time, can be painted over, and is resistant to frost. It can also be applied by spray. All things considered, it is an eclectic and efficient piece of kit.

Other products
Sikagard 670 W ElastoColor
Thermilate PRO Insulating Elastomeric Coating
Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating

Waterproofing Interior Walls


Both Zinsser Watertite and Remmers MB 2K are designed to be used on interior or exterior walls. However, there is a very important disclaimer to be addressed when treating interior walls.

Waterproofing a damp wall will not fix the problem.

Sealing up a damaged, damp wall with a waterproofing paint will not magically make the water disappear, it will lock it inside your wall to wreak further havoc. It’s a little like spilling wine at a party and putting newspaper over it – the issue hasn’t gone, you’ve obscured it.

We have a range of paints designed to combat damp, and a comprehensive blog on rising damp which explains the healing process.

We also have a full guide on how to diagnose what type of water damage you may have, how to fix it, and how to avoid an insurance claim.

As more stock is brought in for the Christmas rush – though applicable all year round – it is imperative to have your basements and storage areas correctly waterproofed and protected from mould and mildew. We have a blog specifically for waterproofing basements, cellars and stockrooms to assist you.

Waterproofing Roof Paints and Coatings


In this wonderful country we call ‘home’, waterproofing a roof properly goes without saying. Do not at your peril!

Due to higher pollution levels, you should look to benefit from acid resistance in the rain and application in wet weather is useful. Again, climate change considered, elasticity is going to allow your roof’s compounds to “move” and adjust in high and low temperatures without cracking or blistering. Here are THREE of our products:

Rust-Oleum Mathys Fillcoat

Rust-Oleum Mathys Fillcoat is an instantly waterproof, seamless, smooth liquid finish for roofs, non-walkable terraces, gutters, ridge-pieces, chimney stacks, pipes, etc. It seals small leaks quickly and simply, even in bad weather and is thick in texture. It is for immediate renovation and waterproofing that can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

GacoPro Roof Coating

U.S. based Gaco are roof paint specialists, so must get a mention in this segment. This professional grade roof coating has a 20year protection guarantee and can be applied to a vast array of materials. If you have an issue with pooling water on a roof, GacoPro Roof Coating is ideal. If you have pooling on your roof, you do not need the same paint as the local swimming baths would.

Tor Elastaseal Fibretex

This elastomeric urethane is a single pack, that can be used on pitched or flat roofs. It can also be used as a bridging stripe coat for lap joints and bolt heads when refurbishing profiled metal sheet roofs. Fibretex also has reinforcing components and can be made even stronger with Tor’s Elastaseal Top Coat.

For more detailed advice on repairing cladding panels and metal sheets, we have a guide on the blog section of our website.

Other Products
Blackfriar Professional Solar Reflective Paint White
Bedec Super-Flex
Everbuild 905 All Weather Roof Coating

Waterproofing Floor Paints and Coatings


In line with the theme of this blog, the waterproofing of floors will vary greatly depending on your environment. If you are looking to waterproof a domestic kitchen or varnish a wooden floor, you are looking at very different specifications to an industrial garage.

Waterproofing Concrete Flooring

These three waterproofing coatings can be applied to concrete or cementitious flooring. They can be used on walkways, terraces, balconies, and stairways. For heavier use of mechanical equipment, the Resin Surfaces Limited (RSL) product would be better suited to the Sikafloor.

Rawlins Paints 402 Damp Proof Coating

Our own Damp Proof Coating is a solvent-free, low odour primer/coating that offers excellent resistance to water, grease and oils (ideal for a garage). Its suppression of residual moisture created in construction makes it perfect for use in fast-track building programmes. It also comes in a decorative red!

Sikafloor 420

Sikafloor 420 is a one part, moisture triggered polyurethane resin coating. Its UV protection and abrasion resistance makes it excellent for areas exposed to public footfall. It can also be exposed to low to medium mechanical exposure and is non-yellowing.

RSL R.S. Dampshield FH

FH is the faster-curing of the two R.S. Dampshield products brought to us by Resin Surfaces Limited. With an overcoat time of just 6 hours, it can be applied to substrates with hygrometer readings of up to 97%. It can be used where there either is not a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), or it is ineffectual (an issue we discussed in the water damage blog).

If it is a hygiene coating you are needing, that requires vigorous scrubbing on a regular basis, or a food-safe paint that offers waterproofing but to specific hygiene standards, please visit our recent blog on the differences, benefits and products we have to offer.

Other Products
709 MMA Damp Proof Primer
Everbuild 908 DPM
Coo-Var Damp Shield

Waterproofing Wood and Timber


Whether it be fencing, paneling, decking, flooring or garden furniture, wood needs protection from the weather just like your concrete does. Waterproofing such as this however, is not to be confused with varnishing.

For a versatile product that can cover all the above bases, step forth one of our newer manufacturers!

Mona-Guard WD Clear

This Hydron Protective System wood sealer can be applied to bare or rejuvenated wood to revive and protect. Clear in colour, it will not disrupt any current shade, is resistant to oil, wood, dirt and pollution, and has up to 10years performance. It is even weather and UV resistant. What more could you want?

Varnishing Wood

Varnishing wood is an excellent way to ensure a longer life for your furniture, paneling or flooring. It decreases the risk of abrasion and protects from dirt. If you are looking to do this, we have varnishes from Blackfriar, Coo-Var and Timberex that come as polyurethane, glaze, wax and more. For the full selection, check out our ‘wood finishes’ section.

Furthermore, we have a blog to help you with varnishing too! There is a guide to varnishing floors, doors, windows and more.

Marine Paints and Coatings


Marine paints will give excellent protection to the underside of your boat and hull, as well as masts, superstructures, and deck work on both steel and wood. Teamac are a marine paints specialist and one of our manufacturers.

Teamac Marine Gloss

This glossy finish has excellent opacity and is suitable for general marine areas above the waterline; bridge fronts, deck work, masts and so on. It has superb adhesion and is available in a huge selection of colours making it decorative as well as waterproof.

Teamac Metaclor Underwater CR Primer

This multipurpose primer offers resistance and protection both above and below the waterline, on prepared steel and wood. Like many of the other paints featured, it is flexible and hard-wearing, leaving a matt finish in unobtrusive metallic grey.

Teamac Antifouling D

Teamac Antifouling D actively discourages the growth of barnacles, weeds and other water life that become attached on the submerged hull of the boat. It contains a high level of cuprious oxide and a blend of biocides to give good performance even on boats with speeds ranging from 25-30 knots. It is available in black, red, blue and green.

Waterproofing Metal Paints and Coatings


When it comes to substantial equipment that is subject to rigorous industry, a metal paint will provide greater protection from corrosion and the elements. They are around 5 times thicker and will protect metal from rust.

For those structures that are either immersed in water offshore or are prone to tidal splashing, a paint is needed which will be salt resistant, acid resistant and chemical resistant. The same applies to a swimming pool.

Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde Peganox

The Noxyde range from Rust-Oleum is a real crowd-pleaser. The Peganox allows your structure to be virtually unaffected by time. It forms an anti-corrosive membrane that has a high resistance to water, salt spray, acid and aggressive environments.

Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Paint

The multi-talented Teamac rubber paint can be applied to metal, wood and asbestos. Its gloss finish and easy-to-clean nature makes it perfect for laundries, saunas, parlours and swimming pools. It also conveniently comes in a shade of light blue if it is a decorative protection you are looking for.

International Interzone 954

Interzone 954 is a modified epoxy barrier designed specifically for offshore splash zones. It is approved to NORSOK M501 for submerged areas, deck and splash zones, has good compatibility with sacrificial and impressed cathodic protection systems and has become popular in the offshore wind power market too.

Other products
Jotun Penguard Universal
Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M922
International Interzone 954 (Rapid Cure)

Still unsure? We are here to help!

If you are not sure which of the above options is ideal for your project or wish to enquire about application, please do not hesitate to give our technical team a call on 0113 245 5450, or you can email us on [email protected]. Further still, feel free to leave a query on the comments section below.


  1. i have a balcony that i would like to waterproof.It has a mosaic tiled area which a could coat with a clear product The main suspect area is the concrete edging which is painted with a
    masonary paint
    Can you help Ian

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