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What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You

When we start on any project, our personal preference, likes and dislikes will have some influence on the finished result. We can’t help it – subconsciously we’re picking and choosing things we like! It can be a small decision, down to the colour we pick for the job. But – what does your favourite colour say about you? Why are some of us more attracted to blue, than green, for example? Here are a few popular colours, see if you can figure out why you lean more to certain colours.



Red is often seen as a colour of power – something you use to make a statement. It’s hard to miss a bold red door in a plain room! It can hold the attention and is often popular with people in marketing for this reason, though if you use too much red in one area it can be overpowering. Red can also remind us of romance and love – it depends how you use it.



Blue is a safe colour, many of us are attracted to it as it can feel peaceful. Pale blues can remind us of the sky, and deeper blue can remind us of the ocean. Both of these elements are seen as very calming, and we associate them often with something peaceful. It’s also been found that people associate blue with trust, authority and reliability. Consider pale blue floors to create an environment that makes people feel at ease.



Yellow reminds us of the sun, daylight and positivity. It’s likely many are attracted to yellow as it seems fun and lively. It’s a colour that instantly makes us think of something bright and is one of the most visible colours in daylight. If yellow appeals to you, use it on your interiors to invite a feeling of happiness and friendliness.



Green is not just the colour of jealousy, it’s the colour of nature and health. If green is used in the right shades and tones, it will make us feel closer to the earth. Often people are attracted to green as it feels positive and makes us think of something safe. A simple act such as adding more greenery to a desk in an office can make it feel more relaxing.

Different colours mean different things to us all, there are many more meanings, feelings and emotions that we attach to colour. Think about this the next time you need to choose a colour scheme. Think about how the colour will make yourself feel, as well as those around you, it may influence you to make a better decision.


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