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Why so boring? What would the UK’s most famous landmarks look like painted with Rawlins Paint?

Here at Rawlins Paints we think the UK needs a fresh lick of paint. Some of the UK’s most famous landmarks were built, carved, chiselled and put up many many years ago. It’s a shame some of these landmarks look so worn down. Here are a few of the paints we’d use to breath life into the UK’s most famous structures!

The Globe Theatre, London


The Globe is a piece of British history. It’s associated with literary legend William Shakespeare. The theatre is an old structure built in 1959 by William Shakespeare’s playing company. The building was struck by fire in 1613. When the building was put up in 1959 they used timber from an old structure. A modern reconstructed version of the building was built just a few feet from the original theatre based on the original building design.

The building has a white finish. We’d re-coat the paintwork with Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin. It needn’t be white either – we could add some points of interest with a few pops of colour! Why this product? It’s ideal for surfaces that have been painted in the past. You can use it on nearly any surface. Just two coats of this product and the theatre would have a bright, stand-out finish for years!

The Blackpool Tower, Lancashire


If you’ve ever taken a beach holiday in the North of England, it’s likely you’ll have seen Blackpool Tower. This metal structure was erected in 1854 reaching an impressive 518 ft (158m)! The tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, bringing a little of the French glamour and romance to the UK.

This structure is mostly made from steel. We think it needs brightening up! Can you imagine The Blackpool tower painted a stunning red or blue? We’d make sure to use Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde. Why? This paint would help with water resistance, corrosion protection and keep that nasty rust at bay!

The Angel Of The North, Tyne and Wear


The Angler Of The North is another iconic UK landmark. It really stands out – you can’t miss it! This steel structure was designed by renowned British sculptor Antony Gormley. According to the sculptor, the wings are slightly bent inwards to create a sense of embrace. They do say folk are very welcoming in the north!

Although it’s a great piece of artwork, it’d be fun to see it a bright colour standing at all 66 ft (20m). You’d not miss this if it was painted a bold green or blue with Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde Peagrust!

Which landmarks would you like to give a makeover? We hope we’ve got you thinking about something interesting!

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